Sunday, February 2, 2014

Discovering Pho Ga and Pho Bo

My pho bo creation
You can say pho ga and pho bo are like siblings. No, they're not people's name. Pho ga is Vietnamese chicken noodle soup and pho bo is Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Ever since our trip to Hanoi 2 years ago pho ga became my favorite. The beef version of the Hanoi style also became our favorite ever since we tried the wide noodle version of that noodle soup.

Last weekend due to our coming down with cold I was craving noodle soup. We went out on Friday night already for pho and no way we could afford going out eating noodle the whole weekend. So I decided to look it up and make it myself.

Andrea Nguyen's Viet World Kitchen and a few sources on the internet were my sources to deciphering the pho broth. One week and a few tries later I have come up with my own short cut version.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year : Welcoming Year of The Horse

This year CNY was very low key. Even the new year's eve feast was only a 1 pot fits all hotpot dish. Normally following my family tradition I would make steam fish with shitake, hamchoy and ginger with a dish of stir fry Chinese leeks with fish maw. But this year both me and hubby are both suffering cough which started just the weekend before the new year. I really don't feel like making or doing anything. Beside with the lingering cough I was avoiding a lot of items which could either prolong or make the cough worse. Argh... :(

The horse platter of steam chicken shown below was posted by a friend. Very cute dish. It would be a shame to eat it.