Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mandalay Noodle - Milpitas

The location of the restaurant isn't the best. If you're coming from 680 on Calaveras you will totally miss it. The time we saw it was only when we were on the opposite direction. But by then we were done with our lunch. So I told hubby that one day we'll come this way just to try that restaurant. And finally we had the chance last Saturday.

We got there late around 2:30 so we were the only one in the restaurant. I kind of know what to get from the reviews on Yelp. But hubby took a while so I picked another one for us. The lady that took our order offered us some appetizer. And she got lucky, I gave in and ordered samusas.

The samusas were good. They were different from the Indian ones I tasted before. These were freshly fried. They were not oily and the filling was not very curry-like. The dipping was tangy tamarind sauce. Interesting. I would prefer something spicier. But this is Burmese cuisine not Thai.

The ohn no kaukswe was a mild curry noodle. Very pretty looking with sliced of hard boiled eggs, red onion, fried shallot, fried striped wonton skin. The kawye kaukswe was noodle soup with bean sprout and gravy. For some reason I expected more like a noodle soup but it's actually thicker than that. And the shrimp paste in the gravy didn't quite go along with my taste bud. Minus the shrimp paste though it looked and tasted like the hokkien lo mien.
760 E Calaveras Blvd.Milpitas, CA 95035(408) 719-9199

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nyonya Noodle at nyonya's house

We were at our friend's house this weekend and was treated with Nyonya Noodle (Nyonya Mee).

Ingredients :
1 pack of Taiwanese yu mien (oily noodle)
1/2 English cucumber, seeded and julienned
3-4 red chillies, seeded and julienned
4-5 eggs, beat and make into a very thin crepes, julienned
1/2 lb prawn, peeled. Reserved the shell for making 2 cups prawn stock
1/2 lb pork to make 2 cups pork stock. Slice the pork afterward thinly and put aside.

Sauce :
6-7 tbs soy bean sauce (Yeo's brand preferably) mashed up
sugar, salt and pepper to taste
2 tbs oil to fry

Preparation :

Heat up a pot of water until boil. Then blanched the noodle. Drain the noodle and put aside.

In a frying pan big enough to handle all the ingredients, heat up the oil. Then pour in the soy bean sauce and fry until fragrant. Put in prawn to fry and when prawn turn to pinkish, put in the noodle. Stir until mix then put in sliced pork and both pork and prawn stock a little bit at a time. Stir around and add more when needed. We want to cook the noodle until al dente and not over cook it.

When noodle cook, kill the stove. Serve the noodle with cucumber, julienned fry egg and sliced red chillies.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Marnee Thai - San Francisco

We went there on a very nice Sunday afternoon. As soon as we walked in, a woman greeted us and showed us to a corner table by the window. We took a seat and looked around us. The place is very bright with bamboo mat covering the whole wall as some sort of wall paper. Here and there we could see pictures of events they were involved in.
I couldn't see the tom yum noodle they put on their online menu so I asked about it. The woman (owner ?) said the she could make it for me. Hubby ordered pad kee mow. I was surprised she didn't ask how spicy we wanted them. Both dishes supposed to be spicy and usually Thai restaurant would ask how spicy we want it.

Not long my tom yum noodle came out. Tom yum noodle is basically rice noodle soup with sour spicy broth. I had a few version in the past either in SF or at Thai Town, LA. They could come all seasoned and spicy or they let you spicied it up yourself. This one seemed to be spiced up looking from the color. But when I tried one sip on the soup, it was on the mild side. But no problem, we noticed there was a jar of grinded chilli with garlic on the table. I reached to that and put a spoonful on my bowl. It took a while to make it to my liking. But it still felt like there was something missing.
Hubby's pad kee mow came out orangey too. Had a few basil and sliced tomato but not much of other veggies. It was delicious but tasted different from other pad kee mow that we had before. So it was also a disappointment.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Getting attacked by fish at Fish Spa - Bali

One of the highlight of our trip this time is the fish spa. We first saw it on one of Travel Channel's episode about Singapore. Hubby has been talking about trying it out. I was more skeptical about it. The idea about tons of fish biting me just didn't appeal to me. Especially I had a bad experience of being bitten by fish before. No, I'm not talking about shark. But more about tiny fish. Don't under estimate those little Nemo though. The bite stung and caused me to bleed. And I never looked at fish same way again.
On our first day walking in a mall next to our hotel in Bali we came accross a sign that said Fish Spa. A few tourists were sitting on a made bench with their legs dipped in a calf deep clear water. Tons of tiny black color fish were crowding their legs. It's quite an eerie look. That night we told our parents and aunt/uncle. They were not a bit impressed. So the two of us went ourselves.

There were two ladies manning the pool. One of them seated us and immediately grabbed a wet towel to wiped my feet. Once I'm cleaned, she let me dipped my leg in. I asked if it's going to hurt. She told me no, just ticklish. With that information, I slowly plunged my feet in. While hubby was still being cleaned. All the fish were restless and immediately came and 'attacked' me. It's like being attacked by Tiny little fish chewing on your dead skin cells. That's how it supposed to be. Those fish fed on your dead skin cells and your skin is going to be smooth. That's how I felt and that's my conclusion as to why my feet were sooo smooth the few days after the 'treatment'.

For IDR100,000 (around USD11), the 20 minutes spa worth every minute.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

(Nyonya) Acar

Following the tradition from last year, I again prepare acar this year. This recipe was taken and adapted from Lily's Wai Sek Hong Acar. (thanks Lily !).


2 cucumber, half, scoop out seeds, slice thinly

A few leaves cabbage, cut into pieces of 1 x 1 inch
2 small carrot cut into strips

Vinegar mixture for blanching the vegetables:
300ml vinegar (I used rice vinegar)
500ml water
1 tbsp salt

Ground spices :(Blend until it becomes a paste - I used pestle)
3 shallots
4 medium size cloves garlic
2cm piece fresh turmeric root (about 1 ts powder turmeric)
3 candlenuts
6 red chillies
1 tbs nyonya sambal chilly (my short cut to belachan) :). You can find it at most Ranch Market.
3tbsp oil

Seasoning :
2 tbsp of tamarind(soak with 4 tbsp water and sieved)
5 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp vinegar
salt to taste

Bring water, vinegar, sugar and salt to a boil.
Scald the vegetables following the this order: cucumber, carrots, cabbage.
Remove and drain.The cucumber and cabbage have to be squeezed to rid of as much excess liquid as possible. Heat the 4 tablespoons oil in a wok and saute the ground spices until aromatic.Add seasoning and bring to a quick boil, turn off the heat and allow to cool completely.Add in all the prepared vegetables. Stir to mix and bottle the acar.Allow the acar to pickle for a day. I added more vinegar to the bottle because hubby like it more tangy.

Bring out the kerupuk !