Thursday, October 29, 2009

Take Care of The Young Lady - korean drama

Recently I started watching this Korean Drama 아가씨를 부탁해 /Agassireul Pputakae. The English translation is either Take Care of The Young Lady or My Fair Lady or Lady Castle.
Seo Dong Chan - an ex gigolo turned to be a butler for the heiress of the Kang San group Kang Hye Na. First his mission was to seduce her and get enough money to pay off his debt to the loan shark. He was instead distracted and couldn't accomplish his mission. On the other hand, Hye Na was attracted to young human rights lawyer Lee Tae Yoon. In between those three, came Yeo Eui Joo which Seo Dong Chan always treated as sister. Does Eui Joo turn to like Dong Chan ? You'll have to watch it yourself to find out.

The first few episodes were slooow. I almost abandoned it but then it got interesting starting episode three. I kinda not like the casting for Seo Dong Chan. Certain angle he looks older. Well, he is a lot older compare to the rest of the casts. He is still cute though for his age. :)

The girl that play Kang Hye Na - Yoon Eun Hey - was the same girl that was in The First Shop of Coffee Prince. But here she plays the spoilt rich lady which a few times I felt like smacking her myself. For a rich girl that lives in a mansion, her choice of clothing was incredibly awful. Or maybe it was just the way they tried to portray her personality ?

Anyhow, it's still entertaining to watch. Light and funny.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wingstop - San Jose

On the way to Sweet Tomato today we decided to check out Wingstop. I only know that they sell chicken wings. Upon walking in first I thought was like a sit-down restaurant. But then I realized it isn't. The decor inside feels more like bar instead of like KFC. But it's a fast food joint. So go to the counter and select what you want to order. It took a while for us to decide on what we wanted. But then after that it took about 7-10 minutes for them to prepare our food.
Even though it is fast food but the wings appeared to be freshly prepared hence the 7-10 minutes wait. They came out hot and we had to wait a while to let them cool off a bit. I like that.

We chose the combo 10 wings with 1 dip, 1 20-oz soda and french fries. Then we also had 1 order of 4 breast strips and 1 side order of coleslaw just to complete the meal. The wings have 9 different flavor from the mild one like teriyaki all the way to 'atomic'. For the combo wings we chose atomic and original hot. While for the breast strips we chose cajun. Total order $18.
Off all the different flavor we tried, I think the original hot was the best. The rest tasted a bit too acidic for our taste. The atomic wasn't as spicy hot as I thought it would be. The original hot actually left my lips burning instead. The chicken breast strips were good, crunchy on the batter because we asked the sauce to be on the side instead of on top. And for sure next time we'll leave the coleslaw out. For the price of $1.69 we only got a small cup of coleslaw. Bad deal.

503 Coleman Ave, San Jose, CA 95110 (408) 297-9464

Saturday, October 17, 2009

King Buffet - San Jose

**UPDATE March 8, 2010**
We passed by this place about a few months ago and it had already changed to Rejoice Buffet. Unclear whether it's just changed of ownership or what.

This restaurant actually had been around for at least 3 years if not more. We decided to give it a try because they recently put out a huge sign : lunch $6.99 and dinner $9.99. If they have been in business for that long, they must have done something right. Right ?

We went on Saturday. Their rate for Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays whole day is $9.99

Soups :
Hot and sour soup - excellent. Better than any other hot and sour soup I've ever tasted so far in either restaurant or take out place. Other hot and sour soup was merely sour and starchy with nothing much in the soup. This one actually contains salted cabbage and decent amount of tofu. It's not starchy at all.
Miso soup. Taste okay. Nothing special.

Sushi rolls :
Tofu skin wrapped. Didn't try.
Spicy tuna. Not spicy enough.
Vegetable roll. Has cucumber, avocado. It's okay.
Imitation crab roll. Nothing special.
All in all the rolls are okay only. Nothing really stands out. The rolls were huge so it's filling but a bit hard to bite unless you have huge mouth. :)

Seafood :
Oyster sauce clam. Good. Clams cooked with a bit ginger and oyster sauce. Very homely.
Salt and pepper prawn. Sweet prawn and very decent size. A bit hard to peel but worth it.
Coconut shrimp. Freshly cooked. Tasty. Could use a bit more sauce.
Cocktail shrimp. I never been to a place where you have to peel your own cocktail shrimp. :(
Steam crawfish. We didn't try.
Steamed sole fish fillet. I guess this fish needs a bit more soy sauce with chopped chilly to spicy it up. -- that's how we eat it at home.

Chicken :
BBQ skewered chicken was good. Though it could be better if it's barbecue fresh when we order.
Hot wing. Looked kinda old. Taste okay.
Sweet and sour chicken. We ate it without the sauce so it was just plain chicken. The sauce didn't look appetizing.

We're not red meat eater so we don't really look for beef when we were there. But come to think of it, I don't think I see any beef except for the stir fry beef with vegetables.

Miscelaneous :
Corn on the cob. Not sweet but I love corn. :)
Corn with shrimp. Looked like corn kernel stir fry with shrimp. We didn't try.
Fried plaintain. The taste was lot better than they looked. Sweet.
Dimsum selections. Not exactly their strength. Not too many selections and looked old.

Dessert :
Two types of jello. Strawberry and orange.
Different types of canned fruits. Mandarin orange, lychee and peach.
Fresh fruits. Orange and melon.
Pastries, cookies and mini strawberry roll cake. Cake was okay, a bit dry. Almond cookies not bad. Puffs tasted stale.

All in all they have many selections of seafood. You're going to like this place if you don't mind seeing prawns with their heads on. Or even crawfish that looked like mini lobsters. If you love crawfish, just pay $9.99 plus tax and you can attack those crawfish till you give up.

1051 Blossom Hill Rd
San Jose, CA 95123-1107
(408) 266-0688

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tai Pan - San Jose

This is our secret place to satisfy our dimsum craves. They opened May this year and we have been there a couple of times ever since. Located at the Lion Market Plaza and next to Lion Market itself make it strategic to get their customers. The place can't really be called restaurant. It's more like a take-out place even though they have a few small tables inside enough for like six people maybe. Every time we were hungry and we went there those tables were always occupied so we always end up eating in the car. :)
I love their dimsum lunch combo package. The #1 package will get you 1 char siu bao, 1 chicken bao, 3 shumai, 2 hargow and rice porridge with choice of preserved egg or chicken with wheat and corn. All those for only $5.25 + tax. Come that a deal or what ? If you go to like ABC in Milpitas, most likely it will only get you the shumai alone.
There are a total of five different combo packages. I chose the other combo before but in the end I like #1 the best because of their combination. I don't care much for other options they provided in the other combos. If me and hubby were not too hungry, one combo package for both of us is enough. If we need more carb, we'll throw in a small order of chow mein. Their chow mein uses very thin noodle fried with nothing but bean sprout and chives. It's so simple yet so yummy. Crunchy when you chew it with a hint of smoky flavor.
A few days ago we were hungry when we got there. So we got our usual #1 combo, one order of small size chow mein, a plastic bag of 6 char siu bao and 3 egg custard tart. Total was around $16. We couldn't finish everything at once. We kept the char siu baos for next morning breakfast. But the egg custard tart were every bit very good. Flaky on the shell and creamy on the custard. Not too sweet.

Tai Pan Dimsum & Bakery *1031 E Capitol Expressway, San Jose, CA 95121* (408) 225-8833

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Borobudur - San Francisco

When we walked in this restaurant, there was only one table occupied. Not surprising actually because it was short of 4 pm even though the sky looked a lot darker than it should be. Cloud has been hanging on top of San Francisco that day refusing to get blown away. We were just wrapping our trip that day by stopping by Borobudur to get take out for our dinner. If my tummy permitted I'd have had my dinner at the restaurant but me and hubby were still quite full from our lunch at Thai House Express. But I craved Indonesian food and wouldn't want to lose the opportunity to check this place out. Who knows when we'll be back in/around Union Square again.

As soon as we got home I unwrapped our dinner. Both looked equally good. I had my first bite on the bakmi ayam yamin pedas which is egg noodle with spicy sweet soy sauce, shredded chicken and vegetable. I ordered it with meat balls to make it more complete. It wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be. Well maybe because we just had lunch at a Thai restaurant ? But the noodle was good and tasty. It had very familiar fragrant that I couldn't quite placed...could it be the yamin oil they used ? While hubby was busy tasting the noodle I dug my spoon into the nasi padang and took a bit of each flavor and mixed them in my bowl. Took one bite into it and was surprised at how tasty and authentic it tasted. I let hubby tried my nasi padang and he too agreed that it was yummy and the rendang was very close or even similar to the one in Jakarta.

Okay, so nasi padang is a combination of spicy beef (rendang), tofu, chicken and vegetables curry coconut milk mixed with rice. The combination of chicken, tofu and vegetable curry was not exactly the typical nasi padang we had in Jakarta but they actually complimented each other well. I liked the individual taste of each dish. I especially loved the tofu. It was deep fried firm tofu cooked in some chilli sauce that tasted like balado sauce.

I'm glad that we gave it a try and the food were fulfilling for us knowing that we couldn't have cooked better than that. In the past we have tried other Indonesian restaurant and the food tasted worse than what we cooked at home. That's because they also used the same premade paste/sauce that we bought at the grocery store. But Borobudur was different, either they imported their own paste/sauce :) or they did make those dishes from scratch.
Borobudur * 700 Post St, San Fracisco, CA 94109 * (415) 775-1512

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thai House Express - San Francisco

The location of this restaurant is not exactly at the best part of San Francisco. Yet due to the high rating of this business on yelp I decided to put it as part of our SF food tour this weekend. Ever since our visit to Thai Town in Hollywood we couldn't find any Thai noodle that could come close to the one we tasted there.

I already decided to check out tom yum noodle soup (#56) and kao soy (#42) even before we got there. But then of course, hubby decided that he was extra hungry and needed more and threw in a rad na ((#65) too.

It didn't take long for the rad na to come out. Hubby put some pickle serrano and a dash of pepper and it was good to go. I used the small bowl provided to us and took some out from the plate and dig in. Noodle had the smoky flavor typical wok fried noodle. Noodle was wide flat fresh rice noodle. Taste was similar to the one in Hollywood Thai Town.

Then our waiter brought us my tom yum noodle. Btw, when the waiter took my order he asked for the degree of spiciness and I ordered it spicy. When I looked at my bowl I was amazed at the color and also the wonderful smell that came with it. One sip of the soup and I declared it a winner. It was seasoned just to my taste - perfect sweet, sour and salty. Soup came with minced pork, pork rind, peanuts and fish cake.

Using another small bowl I scooped my noodle soup and let hubby tried it. He also agreed that it was good. It was spicy alright. Just like what I ordered.

By then the last order came by. Our first try of Kao Soy - the northern style noodle with curry outside of Thailand. Hubby loved it when we went to Chiang Rai last time. We looked forward to trying this one out since it's been a while since we last time tried it. The bowl was so colorful - green lime, red bell pepper, purple onion combine with the yellow curry. I took a sip of the curry didn't want to mess up the pile of colorful combination. The curry was rich and flavorful with a bit of sweetness and not spicy. I let hubby mix them up and tried it out since it was his favorite.

All in all we'll be back for more. We found our Thai Town in SF Tenderloin.

Thai House Express * 901 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 * (415) 441-2248/8038

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grand Century Mall Food Court - San Jose

There are at least 7-10 stalls here at the food court. Two out of those sell juices and dessert only. The rest sell all Vietnamese fares from pho all the way to canh bun. There is a stall that sell some Thai noodles (Thai Lovers). Their fried rice noodle (if I'm not mistaken the name is Bangkok noodle) is quite a killer. Hubby just loves it.

But today he wants something wet and hot and soupy. So after checking out each stall we chose seafood pho for him and canh bun for me. Seriously I had no idea what canh bun is. I thought pho was kinda 'boring'. Not in the bad meaning, I just felt like having something different, exploring a new dish. One stall's named Banh Xeo had a picture of some sort of noodle soup that looked spicy. When I got closer then I realized there was explanation as to what canh bun is. It is basically tomato based shrimp noodle soup. it's not going to be spicy then. Oh well I'll try it anyway.
When I got my soup I noticed the soup had a very nice fiery color with something that looked like tofu floating on the soup with tons of cilantro. Even hubby asked me whether I asked for extra cilantro. I'm a converted cilantro lover now so I embraced them with delight. My bowl of noodle came with a small plate of greens that I couldn't name them except for the serrano and lettuce. Beside that also a small container of chilly paste and shrimp paste. I dumped all the greens and chilly paste and decided to pass on the shrimp paste. It was quite strong smell and raw. Well me and hubby are more used to shrimp paste mixed with chilly instead of just plain shrimp paste.
After mixing all the greens and squirting the wedge of lime I started digging in. The soup was sweet and just a bit tangy. Very refreshing. I like it. The stuff floating on top turned out to be indeed tofu skin. There were also another chunks inside that looked like tofu but turned out to be some sort of seafood cake. Cake may not be the right word because it tasted more like a bunch of fish roe in a more condensed form.

Hubby's seafood pho was smaller than he usually gets at pho joints. But the taste was good and they used fried garlic which add to the soup flavor. It came with small plate of bean sprout, basil and a wedge of lime. The seafood consist of shrimps, squid, fish ball and fish cake. Probably not the best value pho seafood.

Grand Century Mall * 1111 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 *

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sitar Express - Cupertino

Located in the same shopping mall as Pho Linh. They have a huge banner that can be seen from passing traffic - Lunch Buffet $6.95. We had a chance to try it but I wasn't sure they charge the same price for weekends so I called ahead. To my surprise and delight, it was the same price !

We reached there around 12:30 and there were at least 4-5 tables occupied. The place isn't that big, they can only fit around 40 guests. Some of the tables are regular and a few are bar style with stools. We got the latter and I love it.

The food selections were adequate. They had chicken tandoori and chicken curry. Vegetarian dishes include eggplant, cauliflower (Aloo Gobi ?), spinach with cream, fried veggie fritter, samosa, etc. They had names on the dishes I just didn't remember them. I also tried something that I thought looked similar to the Malaysian rojak but this one was totally different. There was no name on that rojak-alike thing but it was next to some condiments (yogurt and some green sauce).

Compare to another Indian buffet that we've been to, this one may not have as much meat dishes as some meat eater would like. Me and hubby actually were pleasantly surprise with the quality of the dishes, the atmosphere and the cleanliness of the restaurant. The naan was brought to our table fresh from the oven. You could always ask for seconds if you can handle it. The TV on the wall behind us played some amusing Indian music video. We would certainly be back if we ever crave Indian food. I hope they'll be around when that happens.

Sitar Express * 21267 Stevens Creek Blvd #320, Cupertino, CA 95014 * (408) 973-0460

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pho Linh - Cupertino

A few days ago as we drove passed De Anza College, I saw this new restaurant in the mall across from the college. We decided to give it a try this weekend especially since we are always looking for new pho restaurant.

When we walked in there were around 6-7 tables occupied. We were seated close to the door but we chose the one next to it instead. Menu was given and we took a look at it for a while before deciding on a pho with variety for me (no 6) and pho with shrimp for hubby (no 8). We also ordered an appetizer of spring roll combination.

Though it took a while for them to come get our order it didn't take long for the order to come. I guess given the restaurant was pretty new (open August 27) they wanted to give us more time to study the menu before they came and took our order. I was worried that it could be a sign that it will take forever for the food to come. But my worry turned out to be wrong.

One look at my bowl I decided that it could use a little bit more green. I have developed liking to cilantro, green onion and their friends in soup. Years ago I would probably scooped them all out but these days I luv their smell in the soup. And this bowl of soup just looked plain boring to me. I picked my basil and sliced serrano and threw them all in and hoped to bring out the flavor. Mixed my noodle and the bean sprout to get them cooked. I noticed there wasn't much meat in the bowl. Another disappointment. Hubby by then was already tasting his soup and presented a not-so-happy face. I tasted his soup..hmm..a bit bland. I tasted mine it was okay though it could be hotter. Hubby threw in more sriracha to compensate for whatever was missing.

Our spring roll took a while to come out. We were about to go ask for it when finally it showed up. One look at it and another disappointment. The size was noticebly smaller than regular ones we had. The skin was a bit thick and chewy. The sauce was actually pretty good and not runny. They just have to do better on the roll.

Pho Linh - 21271 Stevens Creek Blvd #410, Cupertino, CA 95014

Sweden Got Talent

A friend posted this on Facebook. I laughed so hard that I thought it's worth sharing it here. WARNING !!! It contains nudity and some people may find it inappropriate.