Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pho Linh - Cupertino

A few days ago as we drove passed De Anza College, I saw this new restaurant in the mall across from the college. We decided to give it a try this weekend especially since we are always looking for new pho restaurant.

When we walked in there were around 6-7 tables occupied. We were seated close to the door but we chose the one next to it instead. Menu was given and we took a look at it for a while before deciding on a pho with variety for me (no 6) and pho with shrimp for hubby (no 8). We also ordered an appetizer of spring roll combination.

Though it took a while for them to come get our order it didn't take long for the order to come. I guess given the restaurant was pretty new (open August 27) they wanted to give us more time to study the menu before they came and took our order. I was worried that it could be a sign that it will take forever for the food to come. But my worry turned out to be wrong.

One look at my bowl I decided that it could use a little bit more green. I have developed liking to cilantro, green onion and their friends in soup. Years ago I would probably scooped them all out but these days I luv their smell in the soup. And this bowl of soup just looked plain boring to me. I picked my basil and sliced serrano and threw them all in and hoped to bring out the flavor. Mixed my noodle and the bean sprout to get them cooked. I noticed there wasn't much meat in the bowl. Another disappointment. Hubby by then was already tasting his soup and presented a not-so-happy face. I tasted his soup..hmm..a bit bland. I tasted mine it was okay though it could be hotter. Hubby threw in more sriracha to compensate for whatever was missing.

Our spring roll took a while to come out. We were about to go ask for it when finally it showed up. One look at it and another disappointment. The size was noticebly smaller than regular ones we had. The skin was a bit thick and chewy. The sauce was actually pretty good and not runny. They just have to do better on the roll.

Pho Linh - 21271 Stevens Creek Blvd #410, Cupertino, CA 95014