Sunday, May 27, 2012


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer. So this weekend, we took out our dusty bbq set , cranked up the heat and threw in the meat. But we decided to try something different. I just happened to be browsing some Korean food this morning and was inspired to try on samgyeopsal which is the Korean style pork belly bbq.

Ginger Shot at East Is East

It was an unplanned visit to East Is East that afternoon on the way back from White Rock. One of our friends needed to pick up dinner from a sushi restaurant a few doors down from there. She then remembered telling us about the ginger shot at East Is East. So we took a walk down there.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back A Yard - San Jose

Just found out recently about this location and couldn't wait to check it out. 

There's a big menu posted on top like those in the fast food place but then as we were deciding what to order, the nice guy behind the counter invited us to his counter and helped us order. He had with him a similar laminated menu. So this is what we got : combo chicken and pork meal, combo salmon and chicken meal, corn festivals, 1 botol of pineapple soda and 1 glass of mango passion juice.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Spicer Bistro - White Rock, BC- Canada

We went in this restaurant for what I thought was an afternoon tea/snack time.  We started with drinks - ginger tea, coffee, mango lassi (yogurt drink). Then we started looking at the full menu and before we knew it we were ordering dishes, rice and naan.

The ginger tea came plain with no sugar like I requested. But I guess they also forgot the ginger. Seriously, I couldn't taste any ginger in it. So thumbs down for ginger tea. The mango lassi was pretty good but I think it was a bit thick. I had it twice in the past but this one was the thickest - almost the consistency of sour cream.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sui Sha Ya Metrotown - Burnaby, Canada

We went to this restaurant on a Friday night so the place was pretty busy. But the host quickly ushered us to a table towards the back of the restaurant. Surprisingly the place was pretty big even though it didn't seem so from the entrance.

We got one of those booth seatings that felt like seating in tatami room due to the cushions provided on the wooden bench. The menus were given and then the green tea was served before we even ordered it. I was wondering if it was written on our faces that we wanted green tea. But that was perfect since that was on my mind. The only thing was the green tea wasn't as potent as I wanted to be.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yaohan Center Foodcourt - Richmond, Canada

It's not the first time we visited this food court. It's one of hubby's fave food court to visit in the greater Vancouver area. The reason is the Malaysian char kwetiau (fried flat rice noodle) at Curry House there was pretty close to the one he likes. Another thing that the Curry House did pretty well is the Hainamese chicken rice.
pic courtesy of Ben and Suanne

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Buffet at Kawawa Japanese Restaurant - Burnaby, Canada

This restaurant is located in Metrotown Mall in Burnaby. It serves both ala carte and All You Can Eat (AYCE). We chose AYCE and were handed the menu after we were seated. The menu was pretty compact on one page only and didn't give much choices for sushi. No spicy tuna roll so we had to settle with spicy tuna cone instead. Let me summed up the experience in two different categories.
Spicy tuna cone

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ikea Butterscotch Almond and Coffee Combo

On one of the days we were in Vancouver, we decided to check out the local Ikea. We haven't been to any Ikeas for quite a while. But what's more interesting was when we reached the food court area. I was still pretty stuffed from our trip to the sushi buffet that afternoon. But I spotted their deals on butterscotch almond combo with coffee - $2.99 only. And guess what between 2-5 pm it's only $1.99 ! With deal so good, how could you say no, right ? So I just have to give it a try.

I have never tasted any butterscotch almond so I couldn't compare with any. But this one was pretty good. Not very sweet and it went well with the coffee.

The food court itself looked clean with the all white decor. Almost like eating in a hospital cafeteria. Choose from white tables with white chairs or  high bar tables and wooden bar stools. The only bright thing was some kids tables and stools. Bright green and very cute.

Yes to Yes to Cucumber

Found this when I was looking for some sort of wipes for face cleaning when I go for my trip. In the past I have been using Pond's and Olays and didn't quite like it. So I was thinking of like purchasing baby wipes or something less strong. Pond's left my face dry and I didn't quite like the fragrance.

So when I saw this Yes to Cucumber I thought I should give it a try. The price is slightly more than Pond's ($1 for 5 towelettes). Yes to Cucumber was $2.49 for 10 towelettes. The packaging was smaller than Pond's but thicker. I like the smell that's not too strong and it didn't make my face dry afterwards. My usual make up is tinted moisturizer and compact or loose powder with no eye make up. And this towelette was able to remove all those. It's a definite buy for me.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Don't Be LATE Picking Up Your Pizza Or You'll Lose It

A couple of nights ago we felt like having pizza, so I made a phone call to place a pizza order at our local Costco. The guy took our order and said 30 mins. I was thinking well..30 mins is a long time, I have time to take a shower before I go.

Finally we got there and lined up to pay. The line moved so slowly since there were only one window opened at the time. The pick up window was almost as long and moved as slow or even slower. We made it to the window maybe fifteen minutes later. The lady cashier asked for the order name and went to check on it. She then came back to us and told us that we were late and our pizza had been given to another person. I almost couldn't believe that. She then proceeded to say it's store policy not to let a pizza sit for one hour. We ended up paying for a pizza and agreed to wait for 45 mins to have a new one baked for us.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beautiful Chocolate

Just got a box of chocolate yesterday as a gift. The box itself was a thin metal box. When I received it I was elated for a moment thinking it was an iPad. :)