Sunday, May 27, 2012


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer. So this weekend, we took out our dusty bbq set , cranked up the heat and threw in the meat. But we decided to try something different. I just happened to be browsing some Korean food this morning and was inspired to try on samgyeopsal which is the Korean style pork belly bbq.

feed 2 people

Shopping list :
Ready cut pork belly and some other thinly sliced meat to your liking
2 bunches green onion
2 crowns garlic
1 head lettuce
2-3 carrots
1 english cucumber
Doenjang (Korean style soy bean paste)
Gochujang (Korean style red pepper paste)
Red pepper flakes
Sesame oil
Roasted sesame seeds

Green onion salad :
1 bunch of green onion, cut about 2 inches long and thinly sliced. Soak about 10 mintues in a bowl of cold water. This is reduce the spiciness of the green onion. Drain well. Use a salad spinner if you have one.

For the green onion dressing. Mix 3 tbs soy sauce, 2 ts sugar, 1 ts sesame oil, 1 ts red pepper flakes, 1 ts roasted sesame seeds. Toss the sliced green onion and mix well. Set aside.

Dipping sauce:
1/4 c doenjang, 2 tbs gochujang, 2 ts honey, 1 stalk green onion (minced), 1 clove garlic (pound to paste), 1 ts sesame oil and 1 ts roasted sesame seeds. Mix well. Set aside.
dipping sauce before sesame oil, honey and sesame seeds

Preparation :
Wash and dry the lettuce well. Shred into roughly 2X3 inches size. Set aside.
Peel carrots. Cut lengthwise about 2 inches long and cut thinner about 0.5 inch wide. Set aside.
Cut cucumber slightly diagonally. Set aside.
Put the veggies on a big platter.

When the time comes just grill the meat and then using scissors cut into bite size. Pick up a piece of lettuce, top it with a piece of meat. Smeared some dipping sauce, top with slices of green onion salad. Wrapped it all up and enjoy.

Inspired by cooking video by Maangchi