Thursday, May 29, 2014

Norboo - Vancouver, BC

fried chicken with cheese with shredded green onion as topping
This restaurant is located downtown Vancouver just further down the street from the busy street of Robson. Around the area there were quite a few Korean and Japanese restaurants. Our friends been to this one before so that's where they took us for dinner.

The menu is small but consisted of quite a few pages. Some with pictures which helped a bit in deciding. I saw that they serve gamjatang (spicy pork bone soup). Literally gamjatang means potato stew but I guess through out the years, the potatoes becoming less and the pork bones more. Beside the gamjatang which is enough for four, we also ordered spicy fried chicken with cheese.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Noodles & Company

Finally had the chance to try the Noodles & Company in Cupertino. We saw this about a month ago. This location at the corner of the Target mall used to be a Baja Fresh.

We went there with our little 12 year old neighbor. There was a paper menu outside with pictures so we stopped by first. By the time we were at the register it didn't take long to place our order. Though I changed my mind from Japanese pan noodles to Thai hot pot. And I was glad that I did.