Sunday, August 26, 2012

My First MRI

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My knee injury from three years ago came back to haunt me again. This time beside patellar tendonitis, my new doctor suspected a tear in the meniscus. To support the finding she suggested MRI. I totally jumped on that offer. All this time I only had x-ray done and to my knowledge those x-ray didn't really give a lot of information on any soft tissue injury.

But my doctor raised the question : are you claustrophobic ? Hm..I never thought that I do but who knows right ? So I went in the MRI room with a rather big anxiety. The technician was friendly and trying to make it sounded pretty easy. But my anxiety grew bigger when I found out that it would take 25 minutes instead of 15 minutes my doctor told me.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thai Cafe (revisited) - Milpitas

We've been to this restaurant a couple of year back and we liked it. It's been a while so we decided to give it a try again. Here's the previous review

We were there during lunch time and there were two tables occupied. After we were seated I took a look around. Decor was nice and bright. We got a corner spot with partial chair seating and rounded bench corner with red cushion. I didn't remember much about their decor last time so couldn't quite tell if there was any changes. But the crews didn't look very Thai to us even the young lady behind the register which we guessed should be the manager/owner. Could there be a change of ownership?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ca Mau Restaurant - San Jose

Bun bo hue - noodle soup from Central Vietnam
I stumbled upon this restaurant when I was browsing Yelp looking for inspiration. When we got there on Sunday afternoon, it was in full swing. There were a bunch of people waiting in the small waiting area. I saw a clipboard for the wait list and jotted my name down. The restaurant itself wasn't big but one wall was covered with mirror so it did help give the impression of wider than it was. The other wall was covered with a huge mural depicting Vietnamese girls in aodais (the traditional Vietnamese outfit).

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hand Pull Noodle House - San Jose

House Special Noodle Soup

We were there for an early dinner. Only around three tables occupied. The inside looked kinda dark since the restaurant used a thick layer of curtain to block the sunlight out. 

Since the name of the restaurant is hand pull noodle house, we should give their hand pull noodle a try. So we ordered the house special noodle soup that was served with beef and veggies. And we also ordered another eggplant dish.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AT&T, You Suck

So we were thinking of switching our cable service from Comcast to AT&T. I know that in term of customer service, AT&T wasn't exactly the champion. But I seriously didn't think they would suck big time in our case.

We first signed up the service way back around mid of July. We got a confirmation saying that our installation would be on July 27. We tried to see if it's possible to avoid the costly $100 installation fee that we had to pay. But we were told that it's not possible for the type of internet service that we signed up for.