Monday, May 29, 2017

Yamadaya Ramen - San Jose

Came across this ramen place  when I was looking up another ramen place. We got there late around 2 on a Saturday afternoon. There was a parking area in the back which was pretty full. But just before we went in there was a sign saying there were out of charsiu which was the pork used for ramen topping. What a bummer. So sadly we turned around.

The following day we made sure to go earlier at 12. We were almost the first one there except there was another person doing take out. The dining area was pretty spartan like a cafeteria except the tables were black stained wooden tables. The wall was painted black too with the only two windows covered with Japanese style paper screen window with wooden frames. I think night time would be pretty dimmed inside the restaurant.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Paris Baguette - Santa Clara

I love cakes from Paris Baguette and often get them for coworkers birthday. But for hubby's birthday I decided to try the mini cakes instead. So I got cheese cake, strawberry fresh cream and creme brulee. Creme brulee turned out to be my least favorite because it was too sweet.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Buffalo Wild Wings - San Jose

roasted garlic mushroom
Have been wanting to try this place out since like years ago. There was one location back at Santa Teresa and Blossom Hill in San Jose. But the one we went to was the one at Westgate mall. This one has a nice huge covered patio with enough TVs to make sure nobody missed anything shown.

It was a warm day and we were there late in the afternoon on Sunday. We chose a patio seating and got one of those high table with stools overlooking the parking lot. Since it was just an in between meal we didn’t want anything too heavy. We chose roasted garlic mushroom and a medium size wings with two different sauces - Caribbean Jerk and Wild. For drinks the guys chose Samuel Adams while I was just happy with my ginger lemonade.

Monday, May 1, 2017

How to Built an Igloo

What you need is a medium size shovel, a long machete (long knife) and a short shovel. Find an area where the snow is pretty packed and decent deep (2-3 feet deep). Icy snow is not going to be good because it's harder to shape.

Start by making a round circle marking. This is going to be the circumference of your igloo. Then using your machete, cut the snow to make blocks (do this inside the circle that you drew). Arrange the blocks of snow around the circle to make it round. Continue to stack them up once you made a circle. See pictures.