Sunday, May 7, 2017

Buffalo Wild Wings - San Jose

roasted garlic mushroom
Have been wanting to try this place out since like years ago. There was one location back at Santa Teresa and Blossom Hill in San Jose. But the one we went to was the one at Westgate mall. This one has a nice huge covered patio with enough TVs to make sure nobody missed anything shown.

It was a warm day and we were there late in the afternoon on Sunday. We chose a patio seating and got one of those high table with stools overlooking the parking lot. Since it was just an in between meal we didn’t want anything too heavy. We chose roasted garlic mushroom and a medium size wings with two different sauces - Caribbean Jerk and Wild. For drinks the guys chose Samuel Adams while I was just happy with my ginger lemonade.

The wings were quite saucy and we didn’t really need additional ranch sauce. But we had a guest from Asia so I thought maybe our guest would like to try wings with ranch dressing. In the end none of us really used the ranch dressing other than occasional dip for the mushroom.
Caribbean jerk and wild - bone in

The mushroom was a disappointment. The name made it sound that the mushroom would be grilled. But they are actually deep fried with batter. Mushrooms tend to withered pretty fast so each bite of the mushroom tasted more batter and less mushroom.

We liked our wings spicy so we picked one from the medium category and one from the hot. I guess I was more accustomed to the Korean style fried chicken where hot was spicy but still sweet. While the buffalo wings are more spicy and vinegary. My tongue like them a bit sweeter.  I guess it will be another few more years before we go back and try different flavors.

Buffalo Wild Wings
1620 Saratoga Ave
Westgate Mall
San Jose, CA 95129

Phone : 408 370 6701