Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wente Vineyards - Livermore

We attended an event at Wente Vineyard the past weekend. It's hard to believe there is a vineyard in Livermore. But it's sort of hidden in the back road of Livermore. From San Jose, take the 84/Valecitos Rd exit on 680 N and follow the winding road.

The vineyard itself is on a huge area with lots of green rolling mountain surrounding it. It's hard to believe that California is in drought right now. We walked passed the restaurant and was wondering where to go when we saw a group of other people that we recognized and we sort of followed them. We walked through a structure that looked like warehouse but then we saw huge wooden barrels stacked up. And some of the barrels were huge that could fit like a few adults. No kidding. I could walk into the barrel without bending down.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Men-Bei Ramen - Santa Clara

Spicy yakisoba

Tucked in a strip mall next to Costco, this restaurant could be missed easily. But we've been to this Costco pretty often and I have noticed this ramen store before. Only this weekend we have decided to stop by and tried it.

Though occupied the corner, once we went inside, it's not very spacious and part of it was used for kitchen. An older lady (maybe the owner) sat us on a table by the window. There were also seating area around the bar. I estimated that the place could only fit 25 people. And at the moment, it was about 85% full.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Unique Souvenirs at Walgreens - San Francisco

No. I'm not promoting Walgreens. Nor did I get paid to write this post. Recently I was showing a friend from out of town. So I took her to San Francisco. We landed in Union Square and that was our second time in San Francisco. She needed to get more souvenirs because the first time we were there we sort of running around sightseeing and taking pictures and forgot the shopping part ! Girls forgot shopping ?? Seriously, right ?

So, we walked pass this huge Walgreens and based on my experience it usually sells some sort of t-shirts, But this is Union Square in SF so this Walgreens caters to visitors as well. It has this area filled with any type of souvenirs eg. key chains, snow globes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pencils, pens, etc. And some of the souvenirs there were unique and couldn't be found anywhere else in the area. And the price was competitive as well. Some of the similar items were cheaper at Walgreens than the other store down the road.

photo : google street view

135 Powell St
San Francisco, CA 94102
415 391 7222

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Red Hot Wok (好客棧) - Cupertino

Taiwanese sausage fried rice
I was searching for Hakka restaurant when this restaurant showed up. Well, it's not exactly a Hakka restaurant but supposedly the owner is Hakka from Taiwan. Anyway, I was intrigued so I suggested the rest of the group to check it out. So of we went on a weekday night.

When we got there it was 7 pm. We actually called ahead to make reservation and I was pleasantly surprised that they did take reservation and actually kept it. ha..ha..The place was about 80% full when we got seated. Not too bad for a weekday night.