Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sfingi at Italian Festa - Willow Glen

It's an annual event in downtown Willow Glen on Lincoln Ave between Minnesota and Willow. We went there around 12 on Sunday. It had quite a lot of visitors though not pack. The street was pretty wide so visitors were more dispersed.

We were there more for the food than the other crafts, jewelry booths. When we got there we were lucky to catch some dancers starting their performance. It lasted about 3 minutes then we moved on to hunt for food. We strolled along two blocks of booths before deciding on what to get. Not too many that attracted our appetite though we were hungry. I wanted calamari so we got a large size deep fried calamari served with basil/pesto sauce. It was $10 and the small one was $9. The difference ? Maybe 1-2 pieces calamari.

Next stop gelato tent. Yeah..we were bad. Instead of getting some real lunch we opted for something sweet. The options were chocolate chip, limoncello, strawberry something, vanilla bean and cappucino chip. We got a small cappucino chip. Costed $3.75. Taste ? Awesome.

While we strolled back to our starting point, I saw a line in front of a tent. Curious I stopped and took a look at the name. Sfingi. Huh ?? What the heck was that ? I took a peek inside the tent. The only thing I saw was lump of dough on a pan. I told hubby we should at least try something that we don't know of. Everything we knew like pasta, pizza, canolli looked standard only. Why don't we try something new ? I took a spot in the line that was moving pretty quick. Gave the man $5 and was handed a bag. Aha..I think it's some sort of snack. I went back to hubby who was still enjoying the gelato. Took a peek inside the bag and laughed out loud. It's Italian churros.
We found a spot outside a store and sat there. I took one of the sfingi and bit into it. It smelled like a churro but it didn't have the baking soda taste to it. Sfingi actually tasted more like donut. Especially with the sugar dust on them. But they were yummy though. We finished all six of them and licked our fingers cleaned. That's our lunch. I know. We were bad. Those were bad lunch. No more bad lunch in the future.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Target Summer Pops

When : August 22-30, 2009
Where : Grassy mall at San Jose State University

We went to the first day show. It featured John Williams Film Scores. Delivered by Symphony Silicon Valley. The classical music ranged from the giant shark movie Jaws, Schindler's List, Harry Potter and of course the most popular one, Star Wars.

I heard the advertisement on the radio and almost missed the date. Remembered it on Friday and told hubby about it. Then I googled the event and found more information as to the hours and exact location. I was surprised to know that it started at 7 pm instead of maybe 3 or 5 pm. The summer hours are getting short so usually by 8 would be totally dark.

We went to a noodle place close to the location and had early dinner. From there we picked up our towel and walked there. By the time we got there it was around 6. The area was not exactly a big square grassy field. It's almost like grassy patch between two path that kinda meet at the end. So people take their spot between the path, the side of the path. The other side of the road which is next to a building. There were white plastic chairs provided if you didn't bring your own camping chairs. We didn't bring our chairs but we found a bench next to the path so we claimed it as ours.

It was a nice evening out, a bit on the cool side compare to the night before which was totally warm around 80s. I saw a group of guys that looked like college students having picnic among themselves. Distributing ice cream bars, pasta salad, acme bread with salame, beer, etc. Seriously I never seen a bunch of guys that had prepared so much and different varieties of food.
At around 7 pm, a guy went to the stage and welcomed everybody. He also introduced a guy from Target that also delivered a short speech. And after that the music began. For some that think classical music is boring, this show will change their perception. The music varied from slow like the ET movie to the intense one like Star Wars. I would think the concert would most likely drew an older crowd but I was amazed to see younger crowds and lots of families. It was a good way to introduce classical music to the community. Who didn't like free event after all ?

For schedule for the next performance :

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Doctor's Visit - Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

I'm so nervous. Today I'm going to see a doctor for my knee injury. It seemed quite a while ago that I ran my marathon. It's going 4th week now. I did feel better and last minute thinking of cancelling the appointment. Hubby said it's better to get an opinion. All this time I've tried self diagnose. With google at your finger tips, it's really hard not to play doctor. Especially with the economy and the cost of my insurance.

It's 2:13 pm. Another hour before I leave work to go to my appointment. There's no backing up now. I've already came up with list of questions. I'm sure I won't need it. Most of the questions will come up during conversation. But the list will help me in case I don't remember anything.

Reached the doctor's office in time. There were a bunch of people. I submitted my new patient paper work and waited patiently. Then I decided to go to our car and changed to a more comfortable tshirt. When I came back, the whole waiting room was deserted. Turned out that those bunch of people were waiting for one patient !

Then I was called in and the nurse measured my weight and height and shoved me to one of a smaller exam room. I grabbed my hubby from the waiting room and together we went in. It wasn't until 20 minutes later before the doctor actually showed up.

Believe me, while waiting for the doctor, I seriously was thinking of ditching the room and went home. I sat down with my knee bent at 90 degrees. Felt fine. No uncomfortable feeling. I guessed those self massage with the roller did help. Somehow. Though I woke up this morning felt my thighs sored. I almost couldn't move them.

When the doctor came in, I started telling my life story. How I started all this. He listened and asked questions in between. I guessed he roughly knew what it was. He then had me lied down and he pressed a few points on my left knee. Lift it up and turned it to the left and right and asked whether I felt any discomfort. And then pressed another point to the outside of the knee cap and asked me whether there's any pain. Then he told me that it wasn't the problem with my IT band, otherwise, that last point he pressed would be painful. It's patellofemoral pain syndrome.

I somehow had it about 95% sure, but just needed another professional to confirm me. To reassure that I didn't tear any ligamen or twisted anything. The doctor told me I don't need any x-ray or MRI at this point. Which I totally liked it so much. I was dreading those two procedures, worrying that it might cost me an arm and my other leg. He prescribed me some NSAID that I need to take the next five days. Then he'll have his nurse came in and showed me a few exercises that I can do at home myself. Awesome. I don't have to go to a separate PT sessions.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bank advertisement

I have been listening to this bank advertisement on radio. It goes like this :

A man retrieving message from his voice mail.

First voice mail said: Hi Dad, it's me. I'm in the mall. Don't need any money. I have my *** debit card.

Second voice mail said : hi Dad, it's me again..... bla..bla

And then the Dad went and checked on his email and called his daughter. And the conversation goes like this :

Dad : Honey, this is Dad. I got an email from *** and I went and checked your account. You purchased something for $20 from Teen Hottie ??

Daughter : Oohh, don't worry Dad. I went to food court just now and saw three girls wearing the stuff that I just bought so I went ahead and returned it. Teen Hottie is soooo last week.

I just couldn't imagine that conversation even happened. In real life it would most likely sounded like this in :

Daughter : Dad, I'm going to the mall now with my friends. I need money.
Dad : Didn't I give you the *** bank debit card ?
Daughter : Yeah..I couldn't use the card anymore. I called the bank, they told me my account was OD. How can a bank account Over Dose ?

or for the phone conversation :

Dad : Honey, this is Dad. I got an email from *** and I went and checked your account. You purchased something for $20 from Teen Hottie ??


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Two weeks later - post marathon

It's been two weeks since the SF marathon. I still haven't started running. My knee is still sore. I couldn't even quite sure as to what it is. At one point I was sure it was ITBS but then last night I came up thinking it's actually runner's knee.

Yesterday I started exercising by lifting up my legs, just following a few exercises I found online. We went to a friend's house and I went into their pool to exercise my leg. Beside that we also went out to walk around Walmart, something I haven't done for quite a while. I practically totally rested my leg last weekend since I was still limping and my toes were raw. I didn't know which of those exercises that was overdone. But my knee was so sore and aching last night. Ouch. I guess it's a combination of everything.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pho Quan Ngon - San Francisco

We've been to this pho restaurant last year. Hubby liked it and had talked about going back ever since. For some reasons we thought that it was on Irving St. So a couple of times when we had chance to come to SF, we had been circling Irving trying to find this restaurant to no avail. Finally I did a more thorough search and here we were again back after almost a year.

The weather was exactly like the first time we went there. Foggy and chilly. It wasn't as chilly but it was just pho weather. There was a bit doubt as to whether it was the same place. But the dark shade tables and the small size of the restaurant confirmed that it was the same one. There were only like ten tables in there and at that time there were four tables occupied.

I ordered pho with rare beef and meat balls and hubby ordered one with rare beef only. Last minute he threw in an order of imperial roll (cha gio). The pho is a northern style so it was served without bean sprout and the rice noodle was fresh and slightly wider.

I tasted more of star anise in the broth than regular pho. Meat balls were huge and the rare meat was tender. No complain though I don't mind having it with bean sprout. :)
Imperial roll were smaller than I expected. They looked and tasted like the frozen egg rolls from the freezer section in the asian grocery. There were six pieces egg rolls that were served on bed of lettuce, pickled carrot and rice noodle. The rice noodle went very well with pickled carrot and the sweet/salty dipping sauce that came with it. It's almost like the Japanese cold noodle. Egg roll was crispy and freshly fried but the best cha gio/egg roll was still at Pho Binh in Sunnyvale.

Good alternative if we happen to be in the city. But too bad they don't have seafood pho.

Pho Quan Ngon
2511 Noriega Street San Francisco, CA 94116(415) 566-3275