Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sfingi at Italian Festa - Willow Glen

It's an annual event in downtown Willow Glen on Lincoln Ave between Minnesota and Willow. We went there around 12 on Sunday. It had quite a lot of visitors though not pack. The street was pretty wide so visitors were more dispersed.

We were there more for the food than the other crafts, jewelry booths. When we got there we were lucky to catch some dancers starting their performance. It lasted about 3 minutes then we moved on to hunt for food. We strolled along two blocks of booths before deciding on what to get. Not too many that attracted our appetite though we were hungry. I wanted calamari so we got a large size deep fried calamari served with basil/pesto sauce. It was $10 and the small one was $9. The difference ? Maybe 1-2 pieces calamari.

Next stop gelato tent. Yeah..we were bad. Instead of getting some real lunch we opted for something sweet. The options were chocolate chip, limoncello, strawberry something, vanilla bean and cappucino chip. We got a small cappucino chip. Costed $3.75. Taste ? Awesome.

While we strolled back to our starting point, I saw a line in front of a tent. Curious I stopped and took a look at the name. Sfingi. Huh ?? What the heck was that ? I took a peek inside the tent. The only thing I saw was lump of dough on a pan. I told hubby we should at least try something that we don't know of. Everything we knew like pasta, pizza, canolli looked standard only. Why don't we try something new ? I took a spot in the line that was moving pretty quick. Gave the man $5 and was handed a bag. Aha..I think it's some sort of snack. I went back to hubby who was still enjoying the gelato. Took a peek inside the bag and laughed out loud. It's Italian churros.
We found a spot outside a store and sat there. I took one of the sfingi and bit into it. It smelled like a churro but it didn't have the baking soda taste to it. Sfingi actually tasted more like donut. Especially with the sugar dust on them. But they were yummy though. We finished all six of them and licked our fingers cleaned. That's our lunch. I know. We were bad. Those were bad lunch. No more bad lunch in the future.