Sunday, November 26, 2017

Kunjip - Santa Clara

bibim naeng myun
Meeting up some friends for lunch here. I have never been to this restaurant before and was glad to have a chance to try a new restaurant.

This restaurant had a small menu consisted of noodle dishes, soups and braised short ribs (galbi jjim). I was curious with the braised short ribs but was not ready to commit to one dish by myself especially considering the price of $48. So I opted for the bibim naeng myun which is a cold noodle dish with spicy sauce. Both my friends ordered the galbi tang which is short ribs soup.

Our orders came pretty fast and so were the side dishes (banchan). The side dishes were cucumber, napa cabbage kimchee and radish kimchee. There were okay and nothing special. They did go well with the soup which was a bit bland and my noodle sauce which was on the sweet side.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Krung Thai - San Jose

Found our way to this old restaurant when our favorite Thai restaurant closed down. It became a Chinese noodle place. We were craving for some stir fry noodle so we could not settle with some other noodle. There were two Krung Thai and the one we went to was the original one.

It was a Saturday afternoon around lunch time so the place was quite full. We got a table for two right away. Some other patrons were just finishing up. We got the menu and were able to make up our mind pretty fast. Tummy ruled !

I got the vegetarian pad kee mao (stir fry rice noodle with tomato and basil) and hubby got the jun pad po (stir fry vermicelli with crab meat). While waiting for the food I looked around the restaurant and thought it looked expanded and bigger compared to what I remember it before.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Roberto's Cantina - Sunnyvale

I had dinner with some coworkers here on a weekday night. I got there kinda early before 6 pm and was brought to the back of the restaurant which was surprisingly more spacious than the front. This part of the restaurant had bigger table to accommodate bigger group while the front only have tables for 2 or 4.

One of my coworker asked about the picture on the website featuring a dish with prawns on a big cup. Our waiter said it's not on the menu but could put it together for us. We proceeded to order nachos - one vegetarian and the other one with carne asada.

Meanwhile some of us were already busy chomping on the complimentary chips and salsa. There were two different kind of salsa provided. The green one was mild but the red got some heat. But I found the salsa was a bit bland.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pho Passion and Mintea - San Jose

Found out about this new establishment in San Jose and decided to give it a try. We got there on a Sunday afternoon close to noon. But there was nobody inside. I almost wanted to walk out again.

We were seated by the window and given the menu. The menu had pho on one side and different types of teas on the other. That's it. A very small menu. Out of the small pho menu I chose a safe one - rare steak with meatball. Hubby chose the sour and spicy seafood pho.

There was nothing special about the pho. The broth was decent but the cut for the steak was not. The meat was a bit chewy though it was served rare. I think it wasn't cut thin enough. Hubby's bowl had shrimp, shrimp ball and squid. The broth was decent but the shrimp was overcooked.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Pho Ga Nha - San Jose

fried egg roll with greens and sauce
This restaurant is located on a strip mall across from Grand Century Mall on Story Rd. Parking there is a bit tricky since the lot is small and that strip mall got other restaurants as well. We got there after lunch time almost 2 pm but surprisingly there was still a few people lining up for this restaurant. But we got a table within five minutes.

This restaurant was pretty new and just like Pho Hanoi they like to line up their tables with white paper. I seriously don't know why especially this restaurant because their tables already got glass top. Beside it's such a waste.

Anyway, I was curious with their chicken pho so that's what I ordered. But I found out that they serve fried chicken with dry yellow noodle too. I only know another restaurant that does the same thing. So hubby ordered that one.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Camy's Pizza and Hi Five Chicken - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Indian pizza with half tandoori and half butter chicken
Amazed by the Indian style pizza we had in San Jose, California we wanted to introduce our family in Vancouver to the pizza too. I found a few places but based on the reviews and menu I decided on Camy's Pizza. We went there on a weekday afternoon just before lunch hour.

The place was tiny and didn't have a lot of seats available. It's more like a take out place. It's located just across from a school and it's just the students' lunch hours. So we sneaked in between long line of kids and placed our order of half butter chicken and half tandoori. It took about 20 minutes to get our order.

We drove home carrying our pizza. And then saw this fried chicken place and thought why not get some fried chicken to go with the pizza. Brilliant.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Revisited : Motel 6 - Roseburg, Oregon

We stayed here on our first road trip to Vancouver back in 2013. Anyone interested in that posting can check it out here. This time our schedule again got us in Roseburg, Oregon. And since we were familiar with this establishment we decided to stop by again.

By the time we checked in it's around 9 pm. Tired from driving and lack of sleep I couldn't wait to get to our room. We got a room on ground floor facing the parking lot. This motel though pretty close to I-5 but not exactly by I-5 so it's pretty quiet.

When we walked in the first thing I noticed was the fragrant. I think it was a bit overwhelming though some guests may like it. The floor was laminate wood floor and there was an orange accent floor with matching orange curtain. The whole room looked renovated. Different compared to the old Motel 6 room we had previously.

Since we were pretty tired we didn't watch too much TV so I couldn't comment much on the channels. But we had good night sleep there and left early the next morning. On the road again.

side by side comparison with the photo from our previous trip in 2013

Motel 6
3100 NW Aviation Dr, Roseburg, OR 97470
Phone: (541) 464-8000