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H-Mart Food Court - Vancouver, BC

We wondered into this H-Mart about six months ago when we were exploring Robson during Canada Day.  The ground floor has a small seating area for people to enjoy pastries and drinks that are sold by the bakery there. Go up with the escalator to second floor and go pass those electronic appliances on the left hand side until you turn the corner. Then you start to see cooked food appearing on the right hand side stalls. First one sells ready made package of sushi roll. Then a stall that sells Korean snack like kim mari (fried seaweed roll) and then another three more stalls that offer Korean dishes, Chinese influenced Korean food and the last one sells Japanese food.

Today we decided to go back there to check out what they have to offer. I ordered a pork bone soup dish from the Korean dishes stall. Hubby was interested in pork katsudon from the last stall. The seating are isn't very big so I was glad that there were not too many people around. But also concerned of the future outlo…

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