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Uno Beef Noodle 御牛堂 - Richmond, BC

Saw this restaurant on the way to Price Smart and was intrigued to find out what type of food they serve. We visited during lunch time on weekend. It was busy but not full when we got there. We got a table right away and was brought the menu.

We have read reviews and looked through pictures on Google reviews prior so had a bit ideas on what to order. Uno Beef Noodle is a Taiwanese style noodle place with other snack options like soup dumpling and other Taiwanese street food.

I'm more into trying street food. The beef noodle was filling for me so we avoided that. We ordered a few street food and just one dish of noodle just because it sounded interesting. All the food we ordered was good. The only noodle dish we ordered was called lao hu mian 老虎麵 which literally means tiger noodle. It's actually a dry noodle dish with minced meat topping, bean sprout and fried shallot. A bit meat broth served together with the noodle complimented the noodle and gave a bit heat which added flav…

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