Sunday, December 16, 2018

Four Rooms Buffet - Osaka, Japan

The day we traveled from Kyoto to Osaka was a hot sunny day. It was probably normal temperature for that time of the year in Osaka. But the last couple of days we spent in Kyoto had been rainy and cool so a sudden sunny day felt too hot for us.

While waiting for the time to check-in our hotel, we decided to cool off in the mall. The closest mall from our hotel was Abeno Q mall which was like 12 minute walk. The mall was decent with shops like Uniqlo, Daiso and plenty of restaurants to choose from. We happened to lay our eyes on a buffet restaurant that offered a decent price JPY1549 per person (USD 13.60). There was a line of people in front of us though. But the good thing about waiting for restaurants in Japan was some seats are provided. Not restaurants offered seating area but this was the second restaurant we've been to that provided seating. As the line moves, you just move along. That way you don't even need to write your name down on the wait list like what we do in US.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Seisyuan Soba Noodle Shop - Kyoto, Japan

This was an unplanned soba lunch. We were at Kiyomizu-dera and just at the end of the shops going back towards the parking lot when we saw this soba restaurant. The location of the restaurant was sort of hidden on the second floor of a dessert/gift store. We happened to look at the menu and thought we should probably try some soba noodle since we were in Kyoto.

Unlike ramen, soba isn't as popular outside Japan. So unless you are in Japan most likely you won't be able to try soba. Previously we ran into some Malaysian travelers while waiting for ramen at Ginjo Ramen Kubota. They told us about their experience trying soba at a tiny restaurant near Arashiyama area. Since we already visited that area I didn't want to go back there for the soba. So having found this soba restaurant was just perfect.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Oceans 999 at Pan Pacific - Vancouver, Canada

Our company recently had a holiday lunch here. Lunch was served buffet style with free flow of water, coffee and tea. Not sure if this lunch buffet is offered normally to public because the website of the hotel did not mention anything about it.

Selection was decent. Carving area consisted of turkey breast with stuffing complete with gravy and cranberry sauce. If turkey is not your cup of tea, there were roast beef with creamy wasabi sauce and ham. The beef with wasabi sauce was surprisingly pretty good.

The hot food offered baked salmon with sundried tomatoes;  roast duck breast with glazed balsamic beets and potato gratin with four cheeses. I enjoyed the potato gratin. The potato was cooked just right, still maintaining the integrity and absorbed all the flavor of the cheeses. The salmon felt a bit too plain for me. The duck breast seemed a bit too salty maybe because it was served with sweet beet and tanginess of the balsamic glaze ?

Kyoto Sightseeing - Japan

- Fushimi Inari -

Monday, December 10, 2018

KB Bake Cheesetart - Kyoto, Japan

KB Bake only has two products, the regular cheese tart and the matcha flavor. They are supposed to be originated in Hokkaido, the home of all kinds of milk product. I actually have it listed as one of things to try. But we saw it in Kyoto on our second day there and we got room in our tummies so why not. 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Green Leaf - Vancouver

We have not been to too many sushi place since we settled down in Vancouver. This time we invited some friends out and asked for recommendation and they suggested this place. So that's where we met on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Not sure what time they actually open but when we got there around 11:45 it's already open and seemed pretty busy already. Since our friends have not yet arrived we were not allowed to wait inside. Understandable since the place wasn't that big. It's a small and cozy place.

Later on we got a table by the window which was perfect since it allowed plenty of natural lights for taking pictures. Their menu was pretty big and offered quite a lot of selection even for vegetarians. We ordered tuna and salmon sashimi, a few type of aburi sushi and the kimchi bacon ishiyaki.

Ginjo Ramen Kubota - Kyoto, Japan

Found this ramen by Google search and the reviews was great. The location was pretty close to our hotel. So we decided to go there for dinner.

We got dropped off by the bus just on the big road. Google map showed that it was just 5 minutes walk away. We followed the direction which pointed us through a small street. Dark and quiet. We told ourselves that if we were in US we would have bailed and turned around. But Japan would be fine.

When we finally found the place there was a small line of few people outside. In fact that was the indicator that it was indeed the ramen place we were looking for. So I let hubby wait outside while I went in and bought my tickets at the vending machine. Yup. I acted like locals by then.