Friday, October 2, 2015

Paris Baguette - Santa Clara

Fruit shaved ice

We tried these dessert here at the peak of summer. During one of those heat wave days in Silicon Valley. But even that enjoying these shaved ice in the ac room made me chilled after a few spoonfuls.
Well being shaved ice

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Soong Soong - San Jose

braised pork belly with preserved veggies
Found out this restaurant when I was searching on Yelp about any Hakka restaurant. And surprisingly as it turned out that they actually serve the braised pork with preserved vegetables (mei cai gou rou). This dish is very work extensive so even though I tried to make it before I would rather just enjoy it.

So we suggested that place to our friends and they agreed to meet us there for dinner. We were there on a Sunday evening around 7 pm. The place was pretty busy. People came and went with their take out orders. It’s a good sign.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Silicon Valley Capital Club - San Jose

Recently my company had an event held at Silicon Valley Capital Club. It was on a Thursday afternoon during lunch time. I got there about 30 minutes earlier just because I live very close. Parking was a breeze and I found the venue place up on the 17th floor.

The venue for our event was at the corner of the 17th floor so with the amount of people close to 70 it felt crammed. Especially walking between the tables to get to the drinks area I was worry that someone might elbow me and my cup of coffee. That wouldn't be pretty.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Revisited : Hakka Restaurant - San Francisco

Braised pork belly with preserved green mustard
We went there with hubby's big family a few years ago. Original posting here. It's hakka cuisine chinese food restaurant tucked in the neighborhood of outer Richmond area of San Francisco. Their specialty is mei cai gou rou (梅菜扣肉) braised pork belly with preserved mustard green.

Last month a friend of hubby came to visit and since we were in the area we decided to introduce him to this restaurant. We just had to order that braised pork belly dish. And we noticed a lot of tables also ordered that dish. It's that good and everybody knew that.  Then we ordered the salt baked chicken and the fried pumpkin with salted egg yolk.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thai Chili Cuisine - Santa Clara

chiang mai noodle @ Thai Chili Cuisine
We’ve been to this restaurant years ago. We decided to go back on one very hot weekend. It was around lunch time and when we walked in there were like 3 tables occupied. We were seated and given the menu. But then it took forever for them to come and took our order. I noticed that none of the patrons were eating yet. It was early but it seemed the kitchen maybe a bit slow. After about like 15 minutes and hubby was about to get upset, the lady that seated us finally came and took our order.

I ordered a Chiang Mai stir fry noodle and was surprised that she asked me how spicy I want it to be. I said spicy. She then told me that the spicy here is quite spicy. I told her as long as it’s not Thai spicy then I’m fine. Hubby ordered a pad kee mao and requested spicy as well. I was happy that they asked for the level of spiciness. I feel that stir fry noodle with chili would taste better than if you try to spice it up yourself after the dish was brought to the table.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Las Cazuelas - San Jose

combo chile relleno and pork tamale
Haven’t had any Mexican food for quite a while so last weekend I craved Mexican food and I talked hubby into it. We looked around our neighborhood and found one on Race street. The location on Race street is just off Alameda so it’s quite a good location. But it’s street parking only. The good thing is the location is next to residential so parking wasn’t an issue.

The restaurant is located at a corner of Race and a smaller residential street so they have plenty of land at the side of the building for outdoor seating. We went in to order and paid and took our drinks and chips with salsa to the outdoor seating area. It was a nice day to be sitting outside.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

House of Thai - San Francisco

Pad thai
After so long haven’t been able to visit this place again, we finally were in the city attending SF Marathon. Afterwards, we were looking for a lunch place and decided to come here again. It’s been a while and the name seemed to have change from Thai House Express to Thai House. Location wise still the same but maybe change of ownership ?

I order tom yum noodle soup and hubby ordered pad see ew and radna. Our guest ordered pad thai. There was a sign that said if you checked in prior to ordering, you’ll get a free thai ice tea. So hubby and our guest checked in and showed our waitress the proof to get their ice tea. The ice tea was good. Maybe because it was free ?? ha..ha..