Sunday, May 20, 2018

Thai Basil - Sunnyvale

tiger roast chicken- one of the house specials
Went there on a Wednesday night with a group of people from my office. We started early just before 6 pm so the restaurant was pretty empty. While we were looking at the menu, one of the waiter took our drink order. Then he brought out the drinks except for mine and another coworker who only ordered water. When one of us asked he said wait a bit. I wonder if that's the common rules for restaurant to bring out water later if  customers do not order drinks.

Then another waitress took our order. She got everybody's order and then one of my coworker asked whether the food is going to be spicy. Then my boss chimed in and said can we customize the spiciness level. Only then the waitress turned around and went through the orders and asked a few of us how spicy they wanted their food. I thought that was odd because normally we would be asked when we placed our orders.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Pho Xe Lua 24 - Vancouver, BC

lemon grass chicken on noodle
First day in Vancouver ! We just arrived and checked into our new apartment. A friend stopped by and took us out to lunch. The destination was Pho Xelua. I was imagining a typical Vietnamese noodle place with white tile, cafeteria seating and white walls. So when we arrived at the location I was surprised to see the restaurant was kinda tiny and more like café style with dark wood floor and a lot of décor. It feels homely and expensive. Though I found the price was not overly expensive and the quality of the food was great.

It was a sunny but cold day. So I selected noodle soup with beef and meat balls. Our friend liked the lemon grass grilled chicken there. So that’s what he ordered. Hubby ordered seafood noodle soup. We all shared an order of spring roll (goi cuon) and an order of egg roll (cha gio).

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mendocino Farms - San Jose

Mama Chen's Chinese chicken salad
Meeting up some friends here on Sunday lunch. Though we live pretty close to Santana Row/Valley Fair, we don’t really go there that often. My husband avoids it like a plague. I sort of like the area just to hang out and people watching. Parking is a nightmare though on weekends. So when our friend suggested Santana Row I reluctantly agreed.

The original meeting place was Straits and last minute was changed to Mendocino Farms which I believed was pretty new. Located towards the back just next to the Cinearts theatre. When I got there like 1 pm there was a line inside. None of my friends showed up. Great. I waited for like 20 minutes before one showed up. By then the restaurant was still pretty busy and we could see that patrons still stood around waiting for tables.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Pho Ton - Vancouver, Washington

Accidentally found this noodle place when we were driving from Costco to Thai Wok Kitchen. Hubby almost couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the word “Pho”. He loves pho !

Years ago on our first road trip we stumbled upon a Chinese restaurant that made us very wary of any restaurants we come across during our road trip. After that trip I decided it’s safer to search for Thai restaurants if we want to venture out of Costco food court and McDonald’s.

So even though the sight of Pho Ton was intriguing we were approaching it with caution. Hubby said let’s check out the restaurant first and decide afterwards. I pulled into the parking lot. The restaurant shared parking lot with a Mexican groceries. It looked decent from outside. And the restaurant got good reviews on Google and Yelp. So we thought why not give it a try.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Eleven Fifty - San Jose

A friend asked to meet here for lunch. So there we went. It was on Sunday afternoon. The place is set up more like lounge/cocktail place with high stools bar seating, big LCD TVs and couches area that looks comfortable. So to see it opened up its door for lunch was kinda interesting.

The menu was decent. Some rice plate with grilled chicken, pork chop, beef, etc. Some pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) option with beef options. I think they offer a few appetizers which we didn't try.

I tried the beef pho with everything (rare steak, tripe, tendon, flank and meat ball). Hubby tried the rice plate with grilled chicken. Our friend tried bun bo hue (spicy beef soup), his family ordered rice place with beef, pork chop and noodle soup.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Travelodge - Roseburg, Oregon

On our road trip back to California this time we decided to use different hotel than our previous trip. We had similar trip in September 2017 and used Motel 6, also at Roseburg, OR.

Roseburg has been our overnight stop for the road trip going back to California. Just has Centralia been the destined overnight stop for the trip to Vancouver, BC. Roseburg is about 493 miles or 8 hours drive from Vancouver. It's almost half the distance between Vancouver, BC and San Jose. It worked out for us because most of the times we couldn't leave earlier than 9 am from Vancouver. So having Roseburg as a target enable us to have more leeway in case we want to stop some where. Like this time we had time to swing by the outlet mall at Woodburn, Oregon.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Reunion Dinner Welcoming Year of the Dog

Having Lunar New Year eve a day after Valentine's Day was just too much for me. I was ready to not do anything on Valentine's Day. Yup. It's good to celebrate love for each other but I think it should not be limited to that one day. Celebration of love should be done each day and every occasion possible. Anyway, I feel the Lunar New Year's eve dinner is more important. My family has a tradition of having dinner together to welcome the Lunar New Year so it was embedded in me.

Some culture calls this Lunar New Year's eve dinner as Reunion Dinner. I only know them as big gathering dinner where my mom would prepare lots of dishes and we got to eat delicious food and drink our sodas (which we wouldn't otherwise). Anyway, now living far from them makes this big gathering dinner seems more important than ever. Though it's not big since it's just the two of us but I got to share my childhood stories as we eat our dinner.

Cute clipart that was passed around through social media. I take no credit on this.