Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kuih Mor

Kuih mor - all coated and ready to be tasted
This year as I looked up the kuih mor recipe I have been using a few times already. Which you could find here on my original post years ago. I realized through out the years that I always find it hard to shape it and it's easily broken apart. So this year I decided to change the amount of flour and I found it easier to work with. I also simplified the steps. No frying the flour. I think the frying flour is more applicable in Asia where the weather is more humid. Here in California we have a very dry weather so I am not too worry of the flour.

Yield : 60-65 balls

Ingredients :
2 stick butter (226 gr) room temperature
350 gr plain flour
1 egg yolk

Icing : confection sugar and milk powder with ratio of 1:1

Welcoming the year of the monkey

Mint & Basil - Milpitas

Vermicelli bowl - vermicelli crumble, julienned cucumber and cilantro on one side
Found this restaurant when I was looking for a noodle place in Milpitas area. Intrigued by it being vegetarian, I checked out their website. The menu looked extensive and promising. So that day we decided to stop by since we'll be in the area.

We got there around 6 and there were a few tables occupied. The place was quite big and looked new and clean. There was a juice bar on side and sitting area on the other. We got a table by the window. There was a small vase with a bright color sunflower.

We chose a autumn roll, combination vermicelli bowl and Malaysian noodle. The waiter that took our order made sure that we know that the Malaysian noodle is spicy. We read good reviews about the combination vermicelli bowl and the Malaysian noodle.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chinese New Year Preparation : kuih sapit

One of the Chinese New Year snacks that hubby likes to have is shrimp crackers (kerupuk udang) with nyonya acar (nyonya style pickled veggies). Another is coconut roll also known as kuih sapit (in Brunei) or kuih kapit or kuih Belanda. (according to our Singaporean friend). These coconut rolls are made of mixture of coconut milk, sugar, egg and rice flour. Then this liquid like mixture poured onto hot metal mold and baked on open fire. Sounds like a lot of work ?? Yes, it's a lot of work. I used to hear my mom told me the story of her sister making it. But when I really tried to make it myself then I understood that it's not just lots of work. It's also pain and suffering. Because the sheets that were baked had to be rolled while it's hot!

Anyhow if you have kuih sapit molds on hand and wanted to try making it yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you. I got a recipe here that was tested and turned out good. I have another posting here on the kuih sapit baking tips.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Misoya - Santa Clara

Spicy Tokyo style ramen
One Saturday afternoon I was supposed to meet a friend at Orenchi for lunch. When I got there I could see from the parking lot the amount of people waiting outside the restaurant. I quickly found a parking spot and went to put a name on the wait list in the restaurant. I saw the names and guessed at least 30 over people in front of me.

So when my friend arrived we decided to walk to Misoya instead which was just on the other side of Homestead Road. Different from Orenchi, there was no line at all at Misoya. We pretty much walked in and got seating at the bar.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pa Ord Noodle- Hollywood, Los Angeles

tom yum noodle @ Pa Ord Noodle
On our last day in LA, I was tempted to check out Kaya Street Kitchen a Chipotle style fast food but more of a South East Asian fare. But that KSK opens late at 11. And we were hoping to be on the road already by that time if we don't want to reach home late.

So to get our craves of Thai food completely taken care of, I decided to swing by Thai Town once more. We couldn't go back to Hoy Ka Noodle because they open at 11. So Pa Ord Noodle was our choice since they open at 9:30.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tai Kadai - Rosemead

Free appetizer
Went there the day after Christmas after half day spent at Citadel Outlet. It wasn't exactly dinner time but we didn't really have lunch so early dinner sounded like a good idea. There was only another table with two people.

From the menu, we picked samosas for appetizer, garlic noodle with prawns, khao poon (Laos style noodle soup) and pork belly with buns. We were given free appetizer as well. It was served on a cute long platter with three compartments. One for fried peanuts, one for chinese sausage and the last one was deep fried wonton skin. It's quite an interesting combination.