Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pho Tai - Kirkland, WA

Rice noodle bowl with grilled pork and egg roll
For this Memorial Day weekend, we were out in the Seattle area and then driving across to Vancouver, Canada. We stopped by downtown Kirkland for a visit to a store that sells essentials oil. And since it was lunch time, we just walked around to check out the area.

Downtown Kirkland is a small cute area with cute little stores. Coming from SF Bay Area, this downtown reminds me of downtown Saratoga. The main street of the downtown area is Lake Street which pretty much was the closest street to the waterfront area of the Lake Washington.

As we were walking the downtown area trying to decide what we should have for lunch, we came across this restaurant which does pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) and teriyaki (Japanese way of cooking using soy sauce and mirin). What an interesting combination so we decided to give it a try.

The menu was actually quite extensive. The appetizers had a varieties of options like fried calamari, fried mozzarella stick and a more typical Vietnamese appetizers like spring roll and egg  roll. In the end we settled with a chicken pho and a rice noodle bowl with egg roll and grilled pork.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Punjab Cafe - San Jose

vegetable biryani rice, chana masala, spinach paneer, bread pakora
Found this Indian restaurant when we were looking for Indian buffet in the area. Supposedly this restaurant offers special discount to student of San Jose State Univ since it's pretty close to the college.

When we went there on Sunday afternoon there were like 5-6 tables occupied with total around 10 patrons. We were seated and asked whether we wanted to order or do the buffet. I asked for the price of the buffet and was told $9.78. So we went straight to the array of buffet displayed at the corner. I started with the veggie biryani, chana masala, spinach paneer (?), vegetables and bread pakora.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Revisit : Tlaloc - San Francisco

This time in San Francisco, a co-worker asked to have lunch at this restaurant. I have been there before. This time I wanted something light and hopefully vegetarian. Though trying to be vegetarian I haven't got used to it yet. Normally my lunch would have more rice with some home made vegetarian dish on the side. But since I was far from my own office I didn't have the freedom to have other snack to help me through out the day later. That's why I settled with ensalada con camarones (prawn salad). It sounded yummy.

The salad was a bed of torn romaine lettuce leaves with a very light dressing. Then a spoonful of salsa (?) and topped off with plump juicy grilled prawns. The dressing was light and had a hint of lemon. The prawns were big enough to have a nice texture to chew on but not chewy. All in all the prawns were great companion to the lettuce. It was not too light and not too heavy. And I completely finished the chips that came with it. Yum..yum. Highly recommended.

525 Commercial St
San Francisco, CA 94111

Friday, May 8, 2015

Let's Eat - Korean Drama

I haven't been blogging about Korean drama for years on this blog. But this time I feel the need to do this one just because it's about food ! I started watching just because the title was so inviting "Let's Eat". Check out one of the scene from the second episode.

It's a good companion while enjoying your dinner. Bon Appetit !

If this video intrigued your inner foodiness, check out the full series of Let's Eat on Hulu.

video source :

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Revisited : Cheon Joo Young-yang Dolsot - Santa Clara

We've been to this restaurant about 2 years ago. A few days ago when we felt like having gamja tang (Korean pork bone soup) we thought of this restaurant. Located at a corner just next to Galleria market in the Lawrence Plaza. The location of this restaurant isn't very obvious. The name is a mouthful for a non-Korean like me. But if you are looking to try any Korean stew/soup that is normally not served at your typical Korean restaurant this is the place you definitely need to check out.

Our first visit there we ordered bul nak ji jeongol (beef and octopus casserole). It basically a stew with beef, octopus pieces, udon noodle and zucchini. Very nice and a bit spicy. This time we ordered gamja tang jeongol (pork bone with potato stew). This order is pretty big and good for at least 2 people (or more). The lady took our order and left to prepare the stew. She came back with a portable stove and utensils. She also brought us our side dishes (ban chan). I was hungry so I started to chew on the side dishes.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wente Vineyards - Livermore

We attended an event at Wente Vineyard the past weekend. It's hard to believe there is a vineyard in Livermore. But it's sort of hidden in the back road of Livermore. From San Jose, take the 84/Valecitos Rd exit on 680 N and follow the winding road.

The vineyard itself is on a huge area with lots of green rolling mountain surrounding it. It's hard to believe that California is in drought right now. We walked passed the restaurant and was wondering where to go when we saw a group of other people that we recognized and we sort of followed them. We walked through a structure that looked like warehouse but then we saw huge wooden barrels stacked up. And some of the barrels were huge that could fit like a few adults. No kidding. I could walk into the barrel without bending down.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Men-Bei Ramen - Santa Clara

Spicy yakisoba

Tucked in a strip mall next to Costco, this restaurant could be missed easily. But we've been to this Costco pretty often and I have noticed this ramen store before. Only this weekend we have decided to stop by and tried it.

Though occupied the corner, once we went inside, it's not very spacious and part of it was used for kitchen. An older lady (maybe the owner) sat us on a table by the window. There were also seating area around the bar. I estimated that the place could only fit 25 people. And at the moment, it was about 85% full.