Saturday, April 30, 2016

Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Khantoke dinner
We met up with a group of friends in Chiang Mai. They picked us up from the airport with a rented mini van and then we went to look for our hotel. It was such a hot day so after we checked in I seriously didn't want to leave our AC room. But they already made plan to go out for dinner at Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center.

This place is not really a restaurant per se though they serve food. It's a performance place and I think it was such a smart concept to combine performance and food together. Because just the performance alone won't hold me still for close to 2 hours.

We got there a bit early to make sure we got a good spot for the performance. We were told that we may sit on the floor to get the best view but in the end we got a table seating instead. I was glad that we sat on the table. It's so much easier to eat and enjoy food when you sit on table.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Must Try Bandung Snacks

Siomay goreng - Batagor Kingsley
This list is not intensive and I shared based on what I have found out and had time to try.

Batagor Kingsley
Unlike the previous visit, on this visit to Bandung I actually got to plan part of it. And we were not in a rush so I sort of searching and planning as we went. One of the popular snacks that everyone says every visitors to Bandung ought to try is batagor which was short of baso tahu goreng. Batagor is a deep fried tofu stuffed with fish paste served with peanut sauce. One of the popular restaurant for batagor is Batagor Kingsley. Don’t ask me how or where they got the name from. Because seriously none of those people working there looked like a Kingsley.

From what I found this restaurant has been around quite some time. They grew from a small store to a bigger restaurant now so I thought they must have done something right. When we arrived there at around 4ish there were a few tables occupied. The store front were rented out to a few other vendors that sell other snacks and drinks. It worked out like a mini food court.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hardy's @ Mercure Setiabudi Bandung - Bandung, Indonesia

Rice paper spring roll
Rain welcomed our arrival in Bandung. A strong rain during lunch time that lasted about 20 minutes and then continued in the evening just before our arrival in the hotel. So though I have plan to check out a restaurant I was a bit lazy to drive around. We decided to eat in the hotel.

Mercure Setiabudi hotel has two restaurants, Jing Paradise which we tried last year and Hardy's. Jing Paradise was a Chinese fine dining restaurant while Hardy's was more contemporary International dining.

At the time, according to front desk the occupancy of the hotel was around 60 percent so the restaurant was quiet. Only one table. I was a bit worry but then again the hotel is a four star hotel.

Our appetizer was a rice paper spring roll that was very similar to the Vietnamese spring roll (goi cuon). But this one had no lettuce and less prawn. The sauce was a bit like salsa with chopped tomatoes and vinaigrette. It was refreshing and opened up our palette and appetite.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Dusun Bambu - Bandung, Indonesia

Purbasari located by the lake - one of the restaurants at Dusun Bambu
One of the newest attraction in Bandung that was just established the last three years and it's still expanding and improving. It has three restaurants with different concepts, camping area, picnic area and play ground.

It's a bit out of town from Bandung itself and I'm not sure if it can be reached by public transport. Hire a car with driver or drive yourself with a GPS to help you get there. We drove there using Google maps as aid and it helped a lot. Just make sure you get a local SIM card. I used XL Asiata (but don't remember which program since there were so many of them).

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cafe Burangrang - Bandung, Indonesia

Flattened chicken rice combo- served with tofu, tempeh, crackers and chili sambal
Café Burangrang is one of the three restaurants in Dusun Bambu. It has more of a café concept with comfortable chairs to half lying down to enjoy the view and weather. The menu was small with most of them being rice combo. So we ended up ordering rice combo with fried chicken (ayam kalasan); rice wrapped in banana leaf (nasi timbel); rice combo with flattened chicken (ayam penyet).

One side of the café looked down to the man made lake below which housed the Purbasari restaurant. Very pretty view and one could rent boat to paddle around the lake. One side of the lake has a dock for photos taking. But we didn't go down since it was a lot of people and drizzling.

While waiting for our order, rain started coming down strong with cool breeze. was actually pretty nice and we all enjoyed the cooler weather. The temperature that day was only around 68F or 20C.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Nap In Chiang Mai - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our friend booked this hotel for us. It's located like a block away from the night bazaar. Just below the hotel there was a 7-Eleven and also a money exchange. Talk about convenient.

Nap In Chiang Mai is a small hotel with like 20 over rooms. We got a superior room on the first floor away from the busy street. It's a decent size room with a wooden platform. A rolling glass door next to the bed open up to a shared patio. A drying rack was provided in the patio to dry clothes.

The floor was smooth cement floor and the bathroom/shower area was cement as well. It's dark compare to any other hotels we've been to but at the same time the dark surface would be able to hide any wear and tear.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Glow Pratunam - Bangkok, Thailand

On this trip to Asia, we planned to meet up with some friends in Thailand for the celebration of Songkran (Thai new year). So instead of flying straight to Jakarta, Indonesia, we did our first stop in Bangkok. Upon hearing that, our friend suggested that we stayed over night at Glow Pratunam Hotel which was conveniently located close to the Platinum Mall, a popular shopping mall for visitors to Bangkok.

The hotel signage was not very obvious but look for the sign for Shibuya Glow instead. The lobby of the hotel is located on 7th floor of the Shibuya Glow mall. The taxi driver was told to take the other entrance to make around the building and dropped us off on a little entrance on the side of the Shibuya Glow. There was a bell boy waiting and took care of our suitcases. Btw, the taxi trip from Suvarnabhumi airport cost about 470 (including tips and toll).