Friday, April 15, 2016

Nap In Chiang Mai - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our friend booked this hotel for us. It's located like a block away from the night bazaar. Just below the hotel there was a 7-Eleven and also a money exchange. Talk about convenient.

Nap In Chiang Mai is a small hotel with like 20 over rooms. We got a superior room on the first floor away from the busy street. It's a decent size room with a wooden platform. A rolling glass door next to the bed open up to a shared patio. A drying rack was provided in the patio to dry clothes.

The floor was smooth cement floor and the bathroom/shower area was cement as well. It's dark compare to any other hotels we've been to but at the same time the dark surface would be able to hide any wear and tear.

The sink was located outside the bathroom and enable one person showering while the other brush teeth. But one thing we found interesting yet potential hazardous was the rolling door. The bathroom door was a slide door which moves to the sink area. So a few times when one of us was using the sink and the other came out of bathroom, the rolling door almost hit the other person. Oops.

The amenities included were safe deposit box, mini refrigerator, and hair dryer. And we got to use all of them too. ha..ha..

It's a small hotel so there were no breakfast provided. But don't worry. When you walk out of hotel, make a right and you'd come to an intersection. Turn right and there were a few eateries there. Most if not all have picture menus and they speak enough English to understand your request. We had breakfast there during our stay. It's mostly Thai fare like noodle soup or stir fry rice noodle. But you could also have simple meal like steam white rice and stir fry veggies.

Nap In Chiangmai
99/8 - 99/9  LoiKroh Road, Chang Khlan,  Muang, Chiangmai, Thailand 50100
Phone : 66 53 904479, 66 53 904480