Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dae Bak Bon Ga : revisited - Vancouver, Canada

Gamja tang - Korean style pork bone soup
I just found out about this dish called jokbal which is a Korean style pig trotter cooked in soy sauce. It could be made spicy as well. Ever since I saw it in a Korean drama I was on a mission to find it and check it out.

So visiting Vancouver this time I sought out my friend who also love Korean food. She recommended that we checked this place out since they offer jokbal. So there we went.

Our first visit a year ago we tried the bul nak ji jeongol which was the beef and octopus stew served on a hotpot. This time we ordered the jokbal, bul nak ji jeongol and gamja tang since I was curious about it.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ebisu - Vancouver, Canada

sushi roll
Located in downtown Vancouver close to Robson St, this restaurant offers benefit of opening late. Coming from San Jose, where most places close at 9 pm, it's quite amazing to have a place to hang out until late at night.

We got there at around 10 and there were still quite a few tables occupied. Next to our table were a guy and a girl who looked like they're on a date. Though I think the music was a bit loud to be able to carry on comfortable conversation. The other side of our table were a group of girls that order a platter of oysters. ha..ha..

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kedah House - Vancouver, Canada

Kedah House, Malaysian food buffet in Vancouver
I can finally check this off our list of to do things in Vancouver. We've been eyeing the buffet at this restaurant for quite some time now. This time we finally made it there.

We went on a Wednesday night. Traffic was horrible because there was a fire near by. When we finally went in, the place was quite busy. There were at least 15 people inside. We were seated at one of the booths. The buffet line was against the wall almost next to the kitchen door where the cashier/owner sat.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pink Elephant - Vancouver, Canada

filing for lettuce wrap
Our friend took us here because she has been here before. The same reason why we went there around 6 pm just in time for their appy hour menu. Since she knew better, we let her order for us. Appy hour menu is lighter, more appetizer like items.

We had a late lunch so we weren't very hungry and the appetizers that we ordered were just perfect. We had lettuce wrap with chicken, shrimp cake (tod man kung), vermicelli salad (yam wun sen), thai calamari, and thai ice tea.

The highlight of that meal was the lettuce wrap. So a stack of iceberg lettuce leaves were provided on the side. For the filing was minced chicken stir fried with cubes of carrot, sliver of basil and some crunchy fried vermicelli. When I bit into the wrap it was a burst of fresh lettuce leaves, crunchiness of the vermicelli and savory of the chicken.

papaya salad @ pink elephant

I love thai papaya salad and vermicelli salad. So both salads were up to my expectation it's been a while since the last time we had those.
thai spicy calamari

The thai calamari though wasn't really thai, not in my opinion. It tasted more like salt and pepper calamari the chinese way.
vermicelli salad

Pink Elephant
1152 Alberni Street Vancouver, BC, Canada
1 604 646 8899

Friday, June 12, 2015

Banana Leaf - Vancouver, Canada

green papaya mango kerabu
This review was for the Kitsilano location. Me and hubby and another of his friend met up on our last day in Vancouver to have lunch together. The place wasn’t very busy for lunch. I was actually surprise to see that it wasn’t busy. Years ago we went to the one on Broadway off 12th and it was busy. Through out the years they opened more locations now.

It was a hot day (for Vancouver standard, I guess) but inside the building was cool. There were big windows so the air circulate. The place was nice and cozy. We looked through the menu and decided on pumpkin curry ( I was trying to bring back part of my vegetarian life), green papaya and mango kerabu and seafood nasi lemak. Hubby chose an iced calamansi which I wrongly communicated to our waitress. But later on she was nice enough to come back and told me that calamansi is better served cold instead of hot. I don’t know what’s wrong with me that day. What I thought and what came out of my mouth was different. Yikes !

Friday, June 5, 2015

Red Chicken - Vancouver, Canada

Fried chicken with sauce ( I think it's no 2c on the menu - spicy)
We were in downtown Vancouver one night and ran into this restaurant. A friend brought us to the restaurant next to it and I was curious and asked her whether this restaurant was any good. Because of that question, she suggested that we check it out the following night. Yay !

When we were back the following night, it was around 10 pm on Friday night. The restaurant wasn't too busy. Maybe around two tables occupied. We were seated and brought menu. I honestly wasn't really hungry because we just had dinner around 7! But I figured I could sneak in one or two pieces of fried chicken. ha..ha..

Thursday, June 4, 2015

River Rock Casino Food Court - Richmond, BC, Canada

Singapore style rice noodle
The food court at River Rock Casino has three different stalls. Haven't had the chance to try the other two but the Chinese noodle shop is pretty good. The menu spread from noodle soup to stir fry noodle to fried rice to porridge. Last time I was there I tried the egg porridge and it was not bad. If you like your porridge with the long Chinese doughnut, you could request it on the side for additional charge.

This time our party of four, we ordered a plate of Yang Chow fried rice, Singapore style rice noodle and a plate of stir fry veggies. I wasn't too sure about the stir fry veggies being on the menu. But we happened to see it being prepared and it looked quite appetizing.

All in all not a bad deal if you happened to be in the casino. Just step away from your slot machine to have lunch and easily go back to your activities without much interruption.

Yang Chow fried rice

River Rock Casino Resort
8811 River Rock
Richmond, BC, Canada
V6X 3P8