Friday, June 5, 2015

Red Chicken - Vancouver, Canada

Fried chicken with sauce ( I think it's no 2c on the menu - spicy)
We were in downtown Vancouver one night and ran into this restaurant. A friend brought us to the restaurant next to it and I was curious and asked her whether this restaurant was any good. Because of that question, she suggested that we check it out the following night. Yay !

When we were back the following night, it was around 10 pm on Friday night. The restaurant wasn't too busy. Maybe around two tables occupied. We were seated and brought menu. I honestly wasn't really hungry because we just had dinner around 7! But I figured I could sneak in one or two pieces of fried chicken. ha..ha..

The menu was big but I noticed some items were taped over and not available anymore. Since I wasn't really hungry, choosing from the menu was difficult. So our friend chose the fried chicken to start with. After the waiter left, we perused the menu again and I finally decided that a pajeon (Korean style pancake) would be suitable for the occasion.
Korean pancake with seafood (pajeon)

The fried chicken took a while to come out. I figured because it needed to be twice fried. We've been to another Korean fried chicken restaurant and it did take a while. So patiently we waited for the fried chicken to arrive. Finally, the waiter brought us our chicken on a platter. All twenty pieces of boneless battered covered fried chicken sticky with sweet spicy sauce. The chicken pieces were crispy even with the coating of the sauce. The sauce was a bit sweet but left our mouths with a bit tinge of spiciness. So awesome good.
fried chicken pieces on top of the pancake

We then ordered our pajeon while still enjoying our fried chicken. I noticed another guy came and was seated across from us. He was brought his beer while he waited for his order. His order took a long time to come out and when it's finally out it was some sort of stew with rice. Why was it so long ? The restaurant wasn't very busy then.

The pajeon was a bit crispy but wasn't very special. And though for a large, it wasn't very big. The sauce for the pajeon was on a small dish that we almost forgot since it came out earlier. I would completely forgo it if we ever get a chance to go back.

Red Chicken
833 Bute St., Vancouver, BC V6E6Y4, Canada