Tuesday, July 19, 2016

QQ Noodle - Milpitas

Hot oil noodle - dry
We just passed by this restaurant the week before and I remembered telling hubby what kind of dish is this "pita bread soaked in lamb soup" which was posted outside this restaurant. It didn't sound appetizing to me.

We never would have tried this restaurant ourselves had our friend didn't ask to meet there. I thought it was a great opportunity to give it a try. They open at 11:30 on Sunday and when we got there around 11:15 there were a lot of people waiting outside. Good sign.

Their tables were heavy very natural looking tables that looked like it was carved out of a huge tree trunk. The seatings were heavy benches and on some smaller tables were regular wood chairs. There were huge pictures of different types of dishes on the wall. I meant really big kinda of pictures but nicely done that made them looked like part of its decor. The menu was simple though but full of pictures. Very easy to order especially for people like me who don't read Chinese. The pictures on the wall were actually similar to the ones on the menu. I think they only offered like 10 dishes and not more than 15. I guess they do well with those dishes.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tanto Japanese Restaurant - Sunnyvale

crab gratin 
We have a gathering and a friend suggested this place. Yelpers suggested to make reservation so we did. The restaurant just opened at 6 and I arrived at 6:15 and the parking lot was all full but one spot left. The lot was shared with a few more stores and easily filled up. And the restaurant itself was already full with few people waiting outside.

We got a table sort of tucked away at a corner which almost felt like a private room separated with curtain. There were two more parties on our right and left hand side tables which also were separated just with curtain. It's a cozy setting. I love it.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Truong Thanh Restaurant revisited - Milpitas

#11 Hu Tieu ba nam sa dec - rice noodle with prawn and minced meat
It's been a while ago we checked out this restaurant and we happened to be in the area again today and decided to drop by. I knew at least one great dish there so I was excited about it.

Apparently the parking lot there were so busy and we couldn't find a spot. But nothing a short walking distance can't take care off. So we parked next door and walked back. I guess the new 85 degree bakery located in the same mall  was so popular and everyone flocked there.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tasty Pot - San Jose

Inspired by a recent posting on Facebook regarding Boiling Point brought me to Tasty pot on Story Road in San Jose. It’s been a long time since we ever visited any hot pot restaurant. So I was curious to give it a try.

We got there on Saturday afternoon and the restaurant wasn’t too busy. In my opinion, their location wasn’t the best. At the corner with at least another 5 more businesses around and very limited parking space could probably drive people away. A lot of yelpers suggested to park at Grand Century Mall next door so we did.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Vons Chicken - Sunnyvale

Crispy chicken-mild
Nothing seemed to be more perfect for 4th of July gathering than fried chicken. So for our 4th of July gathering, I decided it's time to check out the Korean fried chicken place that I have been meaning to try.

They open at 11 and we got there at 11:20 and there were like 5 people sitting there waiting for their take out orders. Wow. Other than fried chicken they also offer oven chicken.  I settled with half order of crispy spicy, full order of crispy mild and half order of oven garlic flavor. I like that you could choose your preference of either drumstick or combo (drumstick and wings) Then we went next door to Hankook supermarket to do our banchan run.

Banchan is side dish in Korean. Korean restaurants normally serve a few complimentary side dish to the dish that we order. So to make our Korean fried chicken meal more complete, we decided to get some side dish to go with it. And nothing is better than Hankook supermarket which has tons of banchan and also cooked dish.