Sunday, July 10, 2016

Truong Thanh Restaurant revisited - Milpitas

#11 Hu Tieu ba nam sa dec - rice noodle with prawn and minced meat
It's been a while ago we checked out this restaurant and we happened to be in the area again today and decided to drop by. I knew at least one great dish there so I was excited about it.

Apparently the parking lot there were so busy and we couldn't find a spot. But nothing a short walking distance can't take care off. So we parked next door and walked back. I guess the new 85 degree bakery located in the same mall  was so popular and everyone flocked there.

There were only like a table occupied when we walked in. We looked at the menu and decided on Thai style egg noodle with soup on the side (#17 mi thai dac biet) and rice noodle with minced pork and prawn also with soup on the side (#11 hu tieu ba nam sa dec). The Thai style egg noodle was the one we had before that was so good that it left a deep impression on both of us.
spring roll

The Thai style egg noodle had three big prawns opened butterfly style and deep fried with the shell on then lathered in this yummy sweet fragrant chili sauce. The noodle was served with fried shallot and cut chives.
# 17 Mi Thai dac biet - egg noodle with fried prawn and thai style sauce

The rice noodle was served with poached prawn and minced meat sauce. Almost equally good.

Truong Thanh Restaurant
680 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: (408) 383-0886