Sunday, March 23, 2014

Oyster Card : To Buy Or Not When Visiting London

Visiting London this time wasn't exactly planned as a sightseeing trip. Nonetheless, I spent a bit time looking into it thinking if we had time, I would know at least a bit.

The name Oyster card was mentioned in Visit London as best ticket for London trip. So I took a look into it and decided that we needed one.

We arrived at Heathrow Airport in the afternoon. Follow the direction to the Tube. By the end of the tunnel and just before entering the underground station we found the ticket machine. We tried to put it on a credit card but it was rejected. And it only worked when our friend used her debit card. We weren't sure whether the card was rejected because it didn't have chip on it or simply because it was a credit card.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

NH Conference Centre Koningshof Hotel

Room key. This hotel is part of the NH Hotels which was based in Madrid, Spain
This hotel was located just a bit in the wooded area in Veldhoven. We needed an accomodation for 1 night and I happened to stumble upon this hotel on Agoda. Looking from the pictures and the reviews we decided to make a reservation.

The taxi cost from Veldhoven would roughly be around EUR15. From the Eindhoven airport maybe around EUR 26. We took it from a strip mall just off the street that lead to the hotel and it cost us EUR 13. The taxi from the airport only allowed 4 people in a taxi. While from other part of cities seemed to be fine with 4 adults and 1 kid.
Lobby Area

We arrived at night so I only got to see the lobby area which was pretty nice. And when the receptionist had to explain to us how to get to our room and later on we found that we were lost. I realized that this hotel is huge. Next to the lobby was an Italian restaurant and a bar. Also a dining area for breakfast which was big.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wagamama - Ealing , London, UK

A picture like this outside the restaurant lured me in.
The place looked like a cozy cafetaria from outside. Long tables with bench style seating with open kitchen on one side. I was intrigued because of the picture of bowl of noodle soup posted outside. What could be better than a hot bowl of noodle soup in weather like London ? Well, actually if you are like me, you could use a hot bowl of noodle soup in what ever kind of weather. Anyhow..

I ordered a wagamama ramen and hubby ordered one from the chilli dishes called firecracker chicken. For drinks we chose the free green tea.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Byron - London, United Kingdom

Hot A Doodle Doo - chicken breast marinated in spicy sauce
We chose this restaurant because it looked warm and cozy. We just came in from cold wet London weather. When we finally sat down and handed the menu, I realized it's a burger restaurant. Yum. I could use a burger.

The young one in our group got his mini crayons and sketch paper. The rest of us got our menus. My eyes fell on their special limited time item Hot A Doodle Doo. Husband ordered a chicken burger. He ordered root beer with his food. I chose ginger beer. Regular soda seemed a bit boring. But guess what, a few minutes after I was told that they were out of it. Oh well, I opted for something warm. Hot chocolate. Seemed appropriate for the weather.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Airbnb : 3 Bedroom Apartment West London

Bedroom on second floor
This is our second time using Airbnb for accomodation. This time we rented the whole apartment since we got a bigger group. The landlord replied pretty quick considering our last minute decision to rent it. I was relieved since we were going to leave the following day and still haven't gotten any accommodation.

I was a bit worry to pick this property because there was no prior reviews. Those reviews did help when pictures don't say a thousand words anymore. But since time was limited we decided to jump on it.

There was nobody to meet us at the property when we arrived. Based on the instruction provided through email, the keys would be left in the lock box outside. The email also provided password to the wifi and places of interest around the area.