Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wagamama - Ealing , London, UK

A picture like this outside the restaurant lured me in.
The place looked like a cozy cafetaria from outside. Long tables with bench style seating with open kitchen on one side. I was intrigued because of the picture of bowl of noodle soup posted outside. What could be better than a hot bowl of noodle soup in weather like London ? Well, actually if you are like me, you could use a hot bowl of noodle soup in what ever kind of weather. Anyhow..

I ordered a wagamama ramen and hubby ordered one from the chilli dishes called firecracker chicken. For drinks we chose the free green tea.

We were there around 3 or 4 o'clock. There were not too many people in the restaurant. Yet it seemed a while for them to prepare the food. Hubby's order came out first. So everyone in the group had a chance to try it since nobody got their order yet. The firecracker chicken was good. It's stir fry chicken with some sweet spicy sauce and some veggies on top of steam rice. Simple concept but right seasoning. If you like spicy dish, this is a definite try.
Mushroom ramen. Mild in flavor.

Then another person in our group got her order of chilli squid. It sounded good but when it came out it wasn't as good. It's deep fried battered squid served with some chilli dipping sauce. Couldn't quite taste the squid because of the batter.
Firecracker chicken. Got kick. A definite try if you like spicy stuff.

My wagamama ramen came out last. On a big bowl with coconut shell laddle. One of us commented that the laddle wasn't very useful. The noodle wasn't the right type of noodle for ramen. I was expecting a more firm chewy type of noodle. But this noodle was too soft and had a texture of instant ramen noodle. Not good. It did come with a lot of contents like shrimps, chicken, fish and mussel. But I was turned off with the noodle and the soup seemed a bit bland. Lack of MSG maybe ?
Wagamama ramen. Packed with a lot of ingredients but not right type of noodle

I think everyone in the group sort of agree that the highlight was the firecracker chicken. Avoid their ramen unless you like an overprice bowl of instant noodle. I think I would have a better luck with their chilli dishes since I love spicy dishes.

12 High Street
The Broadway Shopping Centre
Ealing W5 5DB
020 8567 7352