Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gudeg : A Must Try Yogyakarta Cuisine

My gudeg take out box - not very pretty but very tasty
If you visit Yogya (or Yogyakarta whichever you want to call it) make sure to try Gudeg. It's a local dish made of young jackfruit, palm sugar, and coconut milk. The result is a dark fragrant sweet dish served with steam rice, egg dish, chicken and sambal krecek (a dish made of beef skin crackers). It may not sound interesting but seriously you should give it a try. Gudeg is one of those dish that requires long hours of cooking so it's not something that you'd try to do at home.

If you're in Yogya, there are so many popular gudeg places. I know that because I googled it and was overwhelmed by a lot of recommendations. Just like with a lot of dishes everyone has their own preferences. Since I am an outsider I went with the closest one to the one I could get.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jang Su Jang - Santa Clara

Platter of bossam, the sliced pork was behind and the pink/white thing was the pickled daikon with napa cabbage below
I have been eyeing this restaurant for quite a while. It looks a bit fancy so I sort of wanted to save it for special occasion. But the chance finally came when our office decided to have a dinner outing there. Yay !

Our original plan was another Korean bbq place but they couldn't take any reservation so last minute we decided on Jang Su Jang. When we got there it was 6:15 on Friday evening. It's a good thing we got reservation because there were a few parties waiting to be seated and we walked in like some VIPs.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jejamuran - Sleman, Indonesia

In a loose translation, jejamuran could mean mushroom etc. So we found this restaurant on TripAdvisor and a few more bloggers's recommendation as one of the must try. Being a foodie I was intrigued. So I listed it as one of the places of interest.

It was a great thing that our driver Pak Rujiyanto knows his way around Yogyakarta all the way to Borobudur. Because if I were to direct him I don't know if I would be able to. Though I came prepared with my Google map print out.

This restaurant has mushroom as the main ingredients - any kind of mushroom. In fact they had a little area in the restaurant where they show case different types of mushroom.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tips for visiting Yogyakarta and Surrounding

Borobudur is about 26 miles away from Yogyakarta so most of visitors to Borobudur would be coming through Yogyakarta. One could stay in Yogyakarta and take a day trip to Borobudur or join one of the tour offered by local tour operator. Or stay at Manohara Hotel which is within walking distance from the temple itself.

Entrance ticket for foreigners are US$20 per person. If you're travelling with another person and sharing a room, the cost of your room would be only around US$36 (we paid $76 a night). And as a guest at Manohara, you get a multiple entry pass to the temple.