Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jejamuran - Sleman, Indonesia

In a loose translation, jejamuran could mean mushroom etc. So we found this restaurant on TripAdvisor and a few more bloggers's recommendation as one of the must try. Being a foodie I was intrigued. So I listed it as one of the places of interest.

It was a great thing that our driver Pak Rujiyanto knows his way around Yogyakarta all the way to Borobudur. Because if I were to direct him I don't know if I would be able to. Though I came prepared with my Google map print out.

This restaurant has mushroom as the main ingredients - any kind of mushroom. In fact they had a little area in the restaurant where they show case different types of mushroom.

We picked rendang jamur, satay jamur, and jamur bakar pedas (spicy grill mushroom). The drinks came out first. My wedang jahe (hot ginger drink) came with something I thought was a straw until I tried to drink from it. The "straw" turned out to be a lemon grass. The ginger drink had a bit hint of lemon grass. It was nice.
Mushroom rendang - rendang is normally cooked with beef with spices

This one didn't look that pretty but it's the bomb - spicy grill mushroom
Mushroom satay - tasted just like chicken satay - sweet smoky flavor.

Now, the dishes itself were out of this world. None of those dishes tasted like mushroom. The real rendang was supposed to be made with beef. But the rendang jamur (mushroom rendang) had a nice combination of spices that made it tasted just like the real beef rendang. The satay jamur was also the same. It had the smoky flavor of the satay and the peanut sauce that came with it was also perfect combination that made it tasted just like regular satay. The top notch dish for us was the jamur bakar pedas (spicy grill mushroom) which lived up the name - spicy, smoky and delicious. It's quite spicy though even for us who are used to spicy food. We even needed extra rice to finish all the dishes.

Niron, Pandowarjo, Sleman
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Telp 62 274 868170