Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pizza Antica - San Jose

Caesar salad
This place was referred to us by a friend who has been there quite a few times. We agreed to meet up there for dinner on a Thursday evening. I have never been to Santana Row on a weekday night and was surprised to see that a lot of restaurants there were pretty busy.

The pizza restaurant was buzzing when I got there. It took about 5 minutes before we got a table inside. It was pretty cold and breezy outside so a table inside was appreciated.

Our friend arrived not long after we were seated. We asked for suggestion and he suggested heirloom potato pizza. And we agreed on sharing a caesar salad and fried calamari.

The large size heirloom potato pizza wasn't that big and it wasn't exactly round shape. It was simple just some caramelized onion and slices of potatoes as topping. But surprisingly it tasted like potato soup. Could it be the truffle oil ?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

En - Santa Clara

Pork shabu salad
This was referred to me by a Japanese coworker. So we decided to go there on a Friday evening. We got there around 6:30 and it was pretty full already. It was a good thing that we made reservation.

Our table was at the corner where most of the bigger tables were. The place wasn't very big and most of the tables catered towards smaller crowds.

This restaurant was labeled as Japanese tapas restaurant. Their menu was pretty big but most of the items were sort of small. Some of the dishes only had 2-3 pieces on it so we need to order more to cater to our bigger group.

The first two orders we got were salad. They were pretty similar in a way in terms of protein toppings and dressing. One salad with grilled pork belly and the other with boiled pork. The dressing was more salty with a bit sweetness and not so much tanginess. It's different compared to most of salad dressing I know which normally is a combination of some sort of vinegar/lemon, oil and salty ingredient like salt/soy sauce.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Myzen Ramen - Sunnyvale

This ramen place has perfect location for those office worker seeking lunch. Located just off Lawrence Expressway sharing the same parking lot with so many other lunch spots like Tasty Subs and St. John's bar and grill. Really, if I work in the area I would need some time to mull over what for lunch every day.

I found out about this restaurant almost a year ago. Me and hubby tried to go there once during one of those holidays but it was closed. So finally a friend asked to go out for lunch and I suggested this place.

We agreed to meet there on a lunch on Saturday. I was running late and felt so bad when I rushed in. There was no line at the door. I peek my head at the dining area and didn't see my friend. A woman, possibly owner or manager came out to greet me and surprisingly told me that my friend was there but now she was nowhere to be seen. I said thank you and went to the door to make a phone call.

I found my friend finally and we went back to the restaurant. The same woman was happy to see us again and quickly seat us. We went through the menu quickly and decided fast. I ordered the shio ramen (salt base) and my friend ordered the myzen ramen (tonkatsu base).

Our order came pretty fast like within 10 minutes. My bowl of ramen looked pretty promising. The broth looked a little bit brown milkish color and tasted pretty rich though not too overly. The topping consisted of nori, a whole hard boiled seasoned egg, green onion, bamboo shoot, bean sprout, shredded woodear, 2 slices of charsu pork and a slice of cute looking fish cake.

I liked this ramen actually. The broth was rich enough and tasty but not overly rich and loaded with too much sodium. I have tried Orenchi, Santouka and Kotetsu ramen  which I thought was all too salty for my taste. And I learned not to order spicy ramen because a lot of them used some sort of salty (possibly miso) red paste to spice it up. Which a lot of time it ended up making my broth too salty. I just used the red pepper to add some heat on my soup. Slurp.