Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gudeg : A Must Try Yogyakarta Cuisine

My gudeg take out box - not very pretty but very tasty
If you visit Yogya (or Yogyakarta whichever you want to call it) make sure to try Gudeg. It's a local dish made of young jackfruit, palm sugar, and coconut milk. The result is a dark fragrant sweet dish served with steam rice, egg dish, chicken and sambal krecek (a dish made of beef skin crackers). It may not sound interesting but seriously you should give it a try. Gudeg is one of those dish that requires long hours of cooking so it's not something that you'd try to do at home.

If you're in Yogya, there are so many popular gudeg places. I know that because I googled it and was overwhelmed by a lot of recommendations. Just like with a lot of dishes everyone has their own preferences. Since I am an outsider I went with the closest one to the one I could get.

Yu Djum gudeg was listed as one of the popular one. In fact, you'll see a big billboard on the way to Yogya just after you get out of the airport. There are quite a few locations too with the closest one to tourist area in the heart of Malioboro on Dagen Street just a few doors down from our hotel. Yay.

We did a take out since our flight was around 1 pm. That way we didn't have to look for food when we get to the airport. And as soon as we settled down on one of those airport chairs, I took out my take out box. It was still nice and warm. Well, we were in Asia, things don't cool down easily there.
Gudeg flyer with address on the bottom and menu on the back

I took a bit of the steam rice and the gudeg. Sweet, fragrant and tasty. I poked at the chicken, it fell apart easily. I tasted the sambal krecek, enough spiciness. I should have ordered an extra side of sambal krecek. The sambal krecek will balance the sweetness of the gudeg if sweet stuff is not your cup of tea.

Gudeg Yu Djum
Outlet Malioboro
Jalan Dagen no 2C Yogyakarta
62 274 856 4848