Sunday, March 2, 2014

Airbnb : 3 Bedroom Apartment West London

Bedroom on second floor
This is our second time using Airbnb for accomodation. This time we rented the whole apartment since we got a bigger group. The landlord replied pretty quick considering our last minute decision to rent it. I was relieved since we were going to leave the following day and still haven't gotten any accommodation.

I was a bit worry to pick this property because there was no prior reviews. Those reviews did help when pictures don't say a thousand words anymore. But since time was limited we decided to jump on it.

There was nobody to meet us at the property when we arrived. Based on the instruction provided through email, the keys would be left in the lock box outside. The email also provided password to the wifi and places of interest around the area.

The place looked exactly like the pictures showed on the Airbnb website. Living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom on second floor. Another 2 bed rooms and a bathroom on third floor. Kitchen equipped with stove top, water boiler, oven, microwave and washer (for clothes). Dishes, cups, glasses and utensils were also provided. We also found salt, pepper and other condiments that most likely were left by previous renters.
Bathroom on second floor with shower stall on the right (not shown)

Overall we were satisfied with the property. The only 2 drawbacks were there was only 1 set of keys provided. Our group consisted of 6 adults. Not everybody had the same schedule going in and out. Also what made it harder was there was another tenant in the building occupying first floor. So if some of us were going out, another had to lock the door behind us and waited to open the door for us. The door couldn't just locked behind us. It needed key to lock.

We did bring that issue to the owner. They offered to reimburse us the fee if we go and have spare keys made. But due to the hectic schedule we had, we didn't have time to do that.
Living room with nice big window overlooking the road

Another issue which bothered us was the low pressure for hot water. Even though there were 2 bathrooms but  only  1 person could shower at one time. Otherwise the hot water would stop working. And if someone used the faucet or flushed the toilet while another was taking shower then the hot water would stop too.

In the end, we still think it's a good value for the money.