Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Byron - London, United Kingdom

Hot A Doodle Doo - chicken breast marinated in spicy sauce
We chose this restaurant because it looked warm and cozy. We just came in from cold wet London weather. When we finally sat down and handed the menu, I realized it's a burger restaurant. Yum. I could use a burger.

The young one in our group got his mini crayons and sketch paper. The rest of us got our menus. My eyes fell on their special limited time item Hot A Doodle Doo. Husband ordered a chicken burger. He ordered root beer with his food. I chose ginger beer. Regular soda seemed a bit boring. But guess what, a few minutes after I was told that they were out of it. Oh well, I opted for something warm. Hot chocolate. Seemed appropriate for the weather.

We also shared fries and onion rings. None of them stood out. Hubby was expecting his root beer to come in a big pre-freezed glass. But unfortunately it came in a can and a glass with ice cubes. My hot chocolate came looking like an expensive cup from those cafes that cost USD 4. Well, the price was pretty close but this is a burger restaurant so I was pleasantly surprised. The hot choco was rich and not too sweet like those I usually encounter in the US. Unfortunately it wasn't hot enough for my taste.

The highlight of the visit was my order the Hot A Doodle Doo. Came on a plate with pickle on the side. I took a bite into it and is perfect. All seasoned and I didn't even need any ketchup or mustard. It had a bit spiciness in it. Just right. Unfortunately after that bite and tastiness, hubby's burger seemed a bit plain.
Chicken burger - chicken breast with tomato mayonaise and baby spinach

17 Upper Cheapside Passage
One New Change
London EC2V 6AG
020 7236 1855