Monday, July 4, 2016

Vons Chicken - Sunnyvale

Crispy chicken-mild
Nothing seemed to be more perfect for 4th of July gathering than fried chicken. So for our 4th of July gathering, I decided it's time to check out the Korean fried chicken place that I have been meaning to try.

They open at 11 and we got there at 11:20 and there were like 5 people sitting there waiting for their take out orders. Wow. Other than fried chicken they also offer oven chicken.  I settled with half order of crispy spicy, full order of crispy mild and half order of oven garlic flavor. I like that you could choose your preference of either drumstick or combo (drumstick and wings) Then we went next door to Hankook supermarket to do our banchan run.

Banchan is side dish in Korean. Korean restaurants normally serve a few complimentary side dish to the dish that we order. So to make our Korean fried chicken meal more complete, we decided to get some side dish to go with it. And nothing is better than Hankook supermarket which has tons of banchan and also cooked dish.

Napa kimchee, spicy cucumber and black bean side dish

Oven kitchen in a box and pickle radish and coleslaw on the side

By the time we went back to Vons, our order was almost ready. So it took about 25 minutes to get our order. Keep that in mind if you're calling in your order.

Okay, now the verdict. The crispy chicken was indeed crispy like it claimed. The batter had the sweetness and savory (maybe MSG?) and some other seasoning on it. And on the spicy version was actually quite spicy. Not as spicy as the sauced chicken from 99 Chicken though. So don't worry. The mild version was also good because it used the same batter like the spicy one but with no spiciness. Unlike the fried chicken from Colonel Sanders, I actually enjoy the batter from this Vons chicken. Each order I think came with a small container of pickle radish and coleslaw. So that's the fusion part of it. You could still eat your fried chicken with coleslaw like the Colonel Sander style.

Oven chicken was nothing special. Though it was supposed to be garlic flavor but it tasted pretty plain. I wouldn't order this again.

Vons Chicken
1082 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA, 94087
408 677 2111