Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pink Elephant - Vancouver, Canada

filing for lettuce wrap
Our friend took us here because she has been here before. The same reason why we went there around 6 pm just in time for their appy hour menu. Since she knew better, we let her order for us. Appy hour menu is lighter, more appetizer like items.

We had a late lunch so we weren't very hungry and the appetizers that we ordered were just perfect. We had lettuce wrap with chicken, shrimp cake (tod man kung), vermicelli salad (yam wun sen), thai calamari, and thai ice tea.

The highlight of that meal was the lettuce wrap. So a stack of iceberg lettuce leaves were provided on the side. For the filing was minced chicken stir fried with cubes of carrot, sliver of basil and some crunchy fried vermicelli. When I bit into the wrap it was a burst of fresh lettuce leaves, crunchiness of the vermicelli and savory of the chicken.

papaya salad @ pink elephant

I love thai papaya salad and vermicelli salad. So both salads were up to my expectation it's been a while since the last time we had those.
thai spicy calamari

The thai calamari though wasn't really thai, not in my opinion. It tasted more like salt and pepper calamari the chinese way.
vermicelli salad

Pink Elephant
1152 Alberni Street Vancouver, BC, Canada
1 604 646 8899