Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kedah House - Vancouver, Canada

Kedah House, Malaysian food buffet in Vancouver
I can finally check this off our list of to do things in Vancouver. We've been eyeing the buffet at this restaurant for quite some time now. This time we finally made it there.

We went on a Wednesday night. Traffic was horrible because there was a fire near by. When we finally went in, the place was quite busy. There were at least 15 people inside. We were seated at one of the booths. The buffet line was against the wall almost next to the kitchen door where the cashier/owner sat.

I started with something that looks like reddish soup which turned out to be vegetable soup that tasted somewhat like the sup my mom made. Next on the line was steam white rice and then stir fried noodle which was actually made with spaghetti. But the noodle or pasta was actually one of the tasty items that night. Then there was the beef rendang which had the right taste but tamed down, I guess to enable more patrons to enjoy it. Then the chicken curry which had the similar fate as the beef rendang, watered down.

Next was some raw bean sprout, cut cucumber and deep fried tofu along with peanut sauce. It was meant as gado-gado which is vegetable salad with peanut sauce. The next tray was some vegetable fritters that wasn’t seasoned enough in my opinion. My friends were using the peanut sauce for the fritters instead.

So all in all we were not too satisfied with the quality of the food. I guess having had a certain standard for Malaysian food we didn't quite like their version of beef rendang or chicken curry. Their dishes were more styled to cater to the locals. With the price of around $12 (I think) the price wasn't bad considering all those beef rendang and chicken curry you could eat.

Kedah House
1652 Marine Drive Se, Vancouver, BC V5P 2R6, Canada
1 604-325-9771