Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dae Bak Bon Ga : revisited - Vancouver, Canada

Gamja tang - Korean style pork bone soup
I just found out about this dish called jokbal which is a Korean style pig trotter cooked in soy sauce. It could be made spicy as well. Ever since I saw it in a Korean drama I was on a mission to find it and check it out.

So visiting Vancouver this time I sought out my friend who also love Korean food. She recommended that we checked this place out since they offer jokbal. So there we went.

Our first visit a year ago we tried the bul nak ji jeongol which was the beef and octopus stew served on a hotpot. This time we ordered the jokbal, bul nak ji jeongol and gamja tang since I was curious about it.

The jokbal was quite a disappointment. It came in a huge platter with the trotter sliced but part of the trotter with the bone was displayed but it's really not edible. The sauce provided was bean sauce and some sort of chili sauce but they didn't quite go along, in my opinion.
bul nak ji jeongol - beef and octopus stew

The bul nak ji jeongol and gamja tang was under the stew which according to our waiter had to be ordered per person. He originally told us that we couldn't ordered the gamja tang just for 2 people since we were party of 4. So we asked if it's okay to order gamta tang for 2 and bul nak ji for 2. He said he needed to ask first. I had a doubt that he was new. Maybe we could actually order just gamja tang for 2. Who knows.
jokbal - Korean style pig trotter in soy sauce

The stew price was counted per person portion. I think for either gamja tang or bul nak ji jeongol it was around $18 per person. It was a lot of food but it would have been better if we could order them just for 2 and share with 4 people since we already ordered the jokbal which was around $27.

Anyhow I would not order the jokbal here again. I think it wasn't their specialty. But the bul nak ji here was good and recommended. The gamja tang was not bad but I liked the bul nak ji jeongol better. The gamja tang didn't have enough flavor when put side by side with bul nak ji.

Daebank Bon Ga
1323 Robson St
Vancouver, BC V6E 2B1, Canada
1 604 683 9298