Friday, May 31, 2013

Dae Bak Bon Ga - Vancouver, Canada

beef and octopus stew at Dae Bak Bon Ga
This time in Vancouver our friend took us out to a Korean restaurant in the downtown area. When we got there it was close to 9 pm but the place close late at 11 so we were welcomed. I liked the way they used some sort of decorative grass to make the booth felt more private.

We ordered the seafood pancake for appetizer, bullak jeon gol (beef, octopus, vegetables stew) and spicy grill pork From my experience the stew is usually enough to feed at least three adult.

The seafood pancake came out first and looked less than impressive. I guess I was used to bigger size seafood pancake and this was smaller and only consisted of four pieces. But this pancake was thinner and crispier than what I was used to. I guess each restaurant has a different way of doing the pancakes and I like either way, crispy or not.
sea food pancake - crispy and yummy

The bullak jeon gol came out on a flat dish just like the one on Mangchi's video. I guess this is the fancy way of presenting it. The flat dish enabled all the ingredients to show nicely before the waitress poured the broth and covered it all up. The waitress left a big cup of broth on the side for us to add more if we wanted. But the big fan on top of our head blew hard so the flames on the stove couldn't burn evenly. So one side of the dish boiled and the other side didn't. In the end we had to stir it around to make sure all got cooked evenly. Nevertheless we enjoyed the dish. It was a perfect dish to share with friends on a cool Vancouver night.

Dae Bak Bon Ga
1323 Robson St  (604) 682-9298
Vancouver, BC V6E2B1