Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ebisu - Vancouver, Canada

sushi roll
Located in downtown Vancouver close to Robson St, this restaurant offers benefit of opening late. Coming from San Jose, where most places close at 9 pm, it's quite amazing to have a place to hang out until late at night.

We got there at around 10 and there were still quite a few tables occupied. Next to our table were a guy and a girl who looked like they're on a date. Though I think the music was a bit loud to be able to carry on comfortable conversation. The other side of our table were a group of girls that order a platter of oysters. ha..ha..

The happy hour according to the website was 3-6 pm but maybe it was also applicable after 10 ? Our friend who took us there told us that the happy hour price applied. We got the chicken wings and chose the spiciest option. We also ordered the takoyaki, sushi roll, fish cake with cheese and spicy calamari.
fish cake with cheese

lychee and strawberry drink - non alcoholic

I like the place because it feels cozy with booth seating and dimmed lighting. But the food was okay only. The drinks we got were non alcoholic so I couldn't comment on the alcoholic drinks but the menu on their website looked pretty varied.
takoyaki - flavored flour ball with octopus filling
spicy calamari with sweet spicy sauce on the side

Hubby liked the takoyaki and I liked the spicy calamari though it's more like sweet and spicy calamari. I was actually looking forward to try the fish cake with cheese but it turn out a bit bland. Maybe it would have been better if they used stronger cheese like cheddar instead of mozzarella ?

827 Bute St Vancouver, BC Canada
1 604 689 8266