Thursday, April 28, 2016

Must Try Bandung Snacks

Siomay goreng - Batagor Kingsley
This list is not intensive and I shared based on what I have found out and had time to try.

Batagor Kingsley
Unlike the previous visit, on this visit to Bandung I actually got to plan part of it. And we were not in a rush so I sort of searching and planning as we went. One of the popular snacks that everyone says every visitors to Bandung ought to try is batagor which was short of baso tahu goreng. Batagor is a deep fried tofu stuffed with fish paste served with peanut sauce. One of the popular restaurant for batagor is Batagor Kingsley. Don’t ask me how or where they got the name from. Because seriously none of those people working there looked like a Kingsley.

From what I found this restaurant has been around quite some time. They grew from a small store to a bigger restaurant now so I thought they must have done something right. When we arrived there at around 4ish there were a few tables occupied. The store front were rented out to a few other vendors that sell other snacks and drinks. It worked out like a mini food court.

My parents ordered the batagor and I ordered siomay goreng. Siomay goreng from my understanding is similar and the only thing different is siomay didn’t use tofu. Our orders took about ten minutes to arrive. Meanwhile I went to browse the snack shop looking for inspirations.

The portion was tiny but surprisingly filling. The sauce was served on the side on each small plate. I don’t know what people liked about this snack but I wasn’t impressed. The peanut sauce seemed bland and not nutty. Possibly because the peanuts were not cooked through prior to grinding. Maybe it was supposed to taste like that. I am not going back.

I included some other recommended batagor places below.

Batagor Kingsley
Address: Jalan Veteran No. 25, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Phone:+62 22 4207104

Batagor Riri
Address: No 21, Paskal Hyper Square, Jl. Pasirkaliki Blok A No.25-27, Kb. Jeruk, Andir, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Phone:+62 22 86060594

Prima Rasa Bakery and Snacks
Prima Rasa specialized in selling different types of snacks unique to Bandung. I remembered visiting one of their stores years ago when we visited Bandung with my brother and his family. So when I came across the name while researching I decided it’s time to swing by again.

Prima rasa cheese roll (photo courtesy of Prima Rasa)
It’s a good thing they open early because they also have in-house bakery. So even though we checked out early after breakfast the store was wide open and busy with visitors already. Parking can be tricky in that location on Pasir Kaliki even when it was early. I couldn’t quite imagine on weekends and holidays.

Picnic roll (photo courtesy of
I knew what to get based on some reviews I read on TripAdvisor I just don’t know what they looked like. The recommended items were picnic roll, cheese roll and of course pisang molen. Picnic rolls were located on the counter and not on shelves. When we got there they were still warm – fresh from the oven. Picnic rolls were beef ham (?) wrapped with cheese and pastry so it’s flaky on the outside and savory cheese on the inside. I didn’t try it because they only came in one size and I didn’t think I could finish it all by myself. Cheese sticks were interesting as well but again they only came in one size. The pisang molen were pisang (banana) wrapped in flaky pastry wrap. I remembered these well from my encounter in the past.

Prima Rasa - Pasir Kaliki
Address: Jl. Pasirkaliki No.163, Pamoyanan, Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Phone:+62 22 6120177

Prima Rasa - Buah Batu
Address: Jl. Buah Batu No. 169 Bandung

Phone:+62 22 7311537