Monday, April 25, 2016

Hardy's @ Mercure Setiabudi Bandung - Bandung, Indonesia

Rice paper spring roll
Rain welcomed our arrival in Bandung. A strong rain during lunch time that lasted about 20 minutes and then continued in the evening just before our arrival in the hotel. So though I have plan to check out a restaurant I was a bit lazy to drive around. We decided to eat in the hotel.

Mercure Setiabudi hotel has two restaurants, Jing Paradise which we tried last year and Hardy's. Jing Paradise was a Chinese fine dining restaurant while Hardy's was more contemporary International dining.

At the time, according to front desk the occupancy of the hotel was around 60 percent so the restaurant was quiet. Only one table. I was a bit worry but then again the hotel is a four star hotel.

Our appetizer was a rice paper spring roll that was very similar to the Vietnamese spring roll (goi cuon). But this one had no lettuce and less prawn. The sauce was a bit like salsa with chopped tomatoes and vinaigrette. It was refreshing and opened up our palette and appetite.

My mom's order of soto ayam came out first. It was a big bowl of shredded chicken, tomatoes, vermicelli with chicken broth that was seasoned with spices. Nice hearty warm soup served with steam rice. So perfect for the cold rainy night. We all got to taste it since it was a huge bowl.
Blackened salmon with mashed potato

Hubby's red snapper with dabu-dabu sauce came out later served with rice as well. The fish was a bit dry and bland without the sauce. And unfortunately the sauce was so tiny since it was served in a cute shot glass. I think the sauce got room for improvement.
Red snapper with dabu dabu sauce

My blackened salmon was served with a hearty mashed potato. It was a good combination though I was expecting the salmon to be a bit more 'blackened'. But I still enjoyed the salmon.
Promo item : Arabic mix (?)

Dad's order was a promotional item that was featured on the menu. I think the name was Arabic mix or something like that. It consisted of two skewers of beef and lamb kebab with some loose grill prawns served with some greens. On the bottom of the plate was a seasoned colorful tortilla. I didn't try any of those but my mom said the tortilla was yummy.

Total bill came up to IDR 650,000 (about USD 49) including tax and services.

Mercure Setiabudi  Hotel
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No.269-275, Bandung City, 
West Java, Indonesia 
62 22 82000000