Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Doctor's Visit - Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

I'm so nervous. Today I'm going to see a doctor for my knee injury. It seemed quite a while ago that I ran my marathon. It's going 4th week now. I did feel better and last minute thinking of cancelling the appointment. Hubby said it's better to get an opinion. All this time I've tried self diagnose. With google at your finger tips, it's really hard not to play doctor. Especially with the economy and the cost of my insurance.

It's 2:13 pm. Another hour before I leave work to go to my appointment. There's no backing up now. I've already came up with list of questions. I'm sure I won't need it. Most of the questions will come up during conversation. But the list will help me in case I don't remember anything.

Reached the doctor's office in time. There were a bunch of people. I submitted my new patient paper work and waited patiently. Then I decided to go to our car and changed to a more comfortable tshirt. When I came back, the whole waiting room was deserted. Turned out that those bunch of people were waiting for one patient !

Then I was called in and the nurse measured my weight and height and shoved me to one of a smaller exam room. I grabbed my hubby from the waiting room and together we went in. It wasn't until 20 minutes later before the doctor actually showed up.

Believe me, while waiting for the doctor, I seriously was thinking of ditching the room and went home. I sat down with my knee bent at 90 degrees. Felt fine. No uncomfortable feeling. I guessed those self massage with the roller did help. Somehow. Though I woke up this morning felt my thighs sored. I almost couldn't move them.

When the doctor came in, I started telling my life story. How I started all this. He listened and asked questions in between. I guessed he roughly knew what it was. He then had me lied down and he pressed a few points on my left knee. Lift it up and turned it to the left and right and asked whether I felt any discomfort. And then pressed another point to the outside of the knee cap and asked me whether there's any pain. Then he told me that it wasn't the problem with my IT band, otherwise, that last point he pressed would be painful. It's patellofemoral pain syndrome.

I somehow had it about 95% sure, but just needed another professional to confirm me. To reassure that I didn't tear any ligamen or twisted anything. The doctor told me I don't need any x-ray or MRI at this point. Which I totally liked it so much. I was dreading those two procedures, worrying that it might cost me an arm and my other leg. He prescribed me some NSAID that I need to take the next five days. Then he'll have his nurse came in and showed me a few exercises that I can do at home myself. Awesome. I don't have to go to a separate PT sessions.