Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pho Quan Ngon - San Francisco

We've been to this pho restaurant last year. Hubby liked it and had talked about going back ever since. For some reasons we thought that it was on Irving St. So a couple of times when we had chance to come to SF, we had been circling Irving trying to find this restaurant to no avail. Finally I did a more thorough search and here we were again back after almost a year.

The weather was exactly like the first time we went there. Foggy and chilly. It wasn't as chilly but it was just pho weather. There was a bit doubt as to whether it was the same place. But the dark shade tables and the small size of the restaurant confirmed that it was the same one. There were only like ten tables in there and at that time there were four tables occupied.

I ordered pho with rare beef and meat balls and hubby ordered one with rare beef only. Last minute he threw in an order of imperial roll (cha gio). The pho is a northern style so it was served without bean sprout and the rice noodle was fresh and slightly wider.

I tasted more of star anise in the broth than regular pho. Meat balls were huge and the rare meat was tender. No complain though I don't mind having it with bean sprout. :)
Imperial roll were smaller than I expected. They looked and tasted like the frozen egg rolls from the freezer section in the asian grocery. There were six pieces egg rolls that were served on bed of lettuce, pickled carrot and rice noodle. The rice noodle went very well with pickled carrot and the sweet/salty dipping sauce that came with it. It's almost like the Japanese cold noodle. Egg roll was crispy and freshly fried but the best cha gio/egg roll was still at Pho Binh in Sunnyvale.

Good alternative if we happen to be in the city. But too bad they don't have seafood pho.

Pho Quan Ngon
2511 Noriega Street San Francisco, CA 94116(415) 566-3275