Saturday, August 22, 2009

Target Summer Pops

When : August 22-30, 2009
Where : Grassy mall at San Jose State University

We went to the first day show. It featured John Williams Film Scores. Delivered by Symphony Silicon Valley. The classical music ranged from the giant shark movie Jaws, Schindler's List, Harry Potter and of course the most popular one, Star Wars.

I heard the advertisement on the radio and almost missed the date. Remembered it on Friday and told hubby about it. Then I googled the event and found more information as to the hours and exact location. I was surprised to know that it started at 7 pm instead of maybe 3 or 5 pm. The summer hours are getting short so usually by 8 would be totally dark.

We went to a noodle place close to the location and had early dinner. From there we picked up our towel and walked there. By the time we got there it was around 6. The area was not exactly a big square grassy field. It's almost like grassy patch between two path that kinda meet at the end. So people take their spot between the path, the side of the path. The other side of the road which is next to a building. There were white plastic chairs provided if you didn't bring your own camping chairs. We didn't bring our chairs but we found a bench next to the path so we claimed it as ours.

It was a nice evening out, a bit on the cool side compare to the night before which was totally warm around 80s. I saw a group of guys that looked like college students having picnic among themselves. Distributing ice cream bars, pasta salad, acme bread with salame, beer, etc. Seriously I never seen a bunch of guys that had prepared so much and different varieties of food.
At around 7 pm, a guy went to the stage and welcomed everybody. He also introduced a guy from Target that also delivered a short speech. And after that the music began. For some that think classical music is boring, this show will change their perception. The music varied from slow like the ET movie to the intense one like Star Wars. I would think the concert would most likely drew an older crowd but I was amazed to see younger crowds and lots of families. It was a good way to introduce classical music to the community. Who didn't like free event after all ?

For schedule for the next performance :