Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wente Vineyards - Livermore

We attended an event at Wente Vineyard the past weekend. It's hard to believe there is a vineyard in Livermore. But it's sort of hidden in the back road of Livermore. From San Jose, take the 84/Valecitos Rd exit on 680 N and follow the winding road.

The vineyard itself is on a huge area with lots of green rolling mountain surrounding it. It's hard to believe that California is in drought right now. We walked passed the restaurant and was wondering where to go when we saw a group of other people that we recognized and we sort of followed them. We walked through a structure that looked like warehouse but then we saw huge wooden barrels stacked up. And some of the barrels were huge that could fit like a few adults. No kidding. I could walk into the barrel without bending down.

Barrels and barrels stacked up high

Door that leads to the dining area

At the end of the structure, there is a wooden door with an opening that looked like a cave. I guess that's our event location. When we walked in there was a long table with red table cloth with tea light candles scattered every where. The long table were long enough to seat like 50 people. At the end of the table were a standing candle holders that hold like 5 pillar candles. The temperature in the "cave" was nice and cool. I looked around to see if there's any ventilation installed. But there was another opening which connect to our area where we were seated. And I guess that's how the air got circulated. So even that day was like low 80, in the "cave" was more like 60.
The view from one end of table to the opening of the "cave"

Lunch I assumed was catered by the vineyard as well. There were 3 types of salad : nicoise salad, caesar salad and quinoa salad. I was on my salad diet so I piled my plate with the salad. The next stop was grilled veggie/potato and mashed potato. I took a bit of the grilled veggie. Then for the animal protein I chose salmon out of grilled pork loin and roast beef. At the end of line there were some sauce to choose. I drizzled some mushroom sauce on my salmon.

Desserts - I didn't try them. But my friend told me there were good except the lemon ones.

Wente Vineyards
5050 Arroyo Road
Livermore, CA 94550
925 456 2450