Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Red Hot Wok (好客棧) - Cupertino

Taiwanese sausage fried rice
I was searching for Hakka restaurant when this restaurant showed up. Well, it's not exactly a Hakka restaurant but supposedly the owner is Hakka from Taiwan. Anyway, I was intrigued so I suggested the rest of the group to check it out. So of we went on a weekday night.

When we got there it was 7 pm. We actually called ahead to make reservation and I was pleasantly surprised that they did take reservation and actually kept it. ha..ha..The place was about 80% full when we got seated. Not too bad for a weekday night.

The inside of the restaurant gave the impression of those old Chinese restaurants in those old kungfu movies. We sat on a dark color wood table paired with wood benches. These are real wood table with the grain and everything.

I looked up what other people ordered and had pretty much decided ahead of time what I think we should try. The popular dishes seemed to be chicken clay pot (三杯鸡) and ke jia pork and squid (客家小炒). Everyone seemed to be talking about chicken clay pot/3 cup chicken on Yelp. But Ke Jia pork and squid was suggested to us by the waitress.
combo appetizer : green bean, rice cake, chicken, squid and tons of garlic

garlic eggplant

Ke Jia pork and squid

The combo appetizer were all deep fried style typical Taiwanese street food consisted of chicken cubes, rice cake, green bean and squid. And we also ordered garlic eggplant and sausage fried rice. The chicken clay pot and the ke jia pork and squid did feel like a Hakka homely dishes. I had a similar dish to this Ke Jia pork and squid at a Hakka restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia.

All in all the dishes tasted very homely and it didn't make me thirsty due to the overload of MSG like some other restaurants. I am curious with their spicy grill calamari so I think we'll be back another day.

Red Hot Wok
10074 E Estates Dr, Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 996-2999