Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AT&T, You Suck

So we were thinking of switching our cable service from Comcast to AT&T. I know that in term of customer service, AT&T wasn't exactly the champion. But I seriously didn't think they would suck big time in our case.

We first signed up the service way back around mid of July. We got a confirmation saying that our installation would be on July 27. We tried to see if it's possible to avoid the costly $100 installation fee that we had to pay. But we were told that it's not possible for the type of internet service that we signed up for.

So we woke up early on July 27 and waited for the cable guy to come. Last minute hubby thought of making a phone call to confirm. Guess what. The representative on the other side couldn't even find his order let alone an installation order. They were quick to offer to upgrade the cable service to bundle it with the TV service though. *shaking my head* After half hour conversation the only thing they could offer was a rescheduling the installation to today (Aug 7). We got another confirmation email. We were told that we could call another day to see if anybody cancel their appointment. We actually did call one time and was told it's not possible to push forward our appointment.

Our appointment slot today supposed to be between 9-11 am. I called hubby around 11:30 to see if he could finally get his lightning speed internet access. He told me nobody showed up yet. I suggested him to call. Guess what. Who ever AT&T contracted to do the job for us didn't come. The representative couldn't contact them. *Really ?* The representative tried to put hubby to one of the managers for complaint but nobody picked up the other side of the phone. *ha..ha.. I wonder why*

We were thinking that if they could offer a discount on the installation fee since they messed up not once but twice, we could probably stick to them. But for now, it seems we still have to stick to Comcast.