Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hand Pull Noodle House - San Jose

House Special Noodle Soup

We were there for an early dinner. Only around three tables occupied. The inside looked kinda dark since the restaurant used a thick layer of curtain to block the sunlight out. 

Since the name of the restaurant is hand pull noodle house, we should give their hand pull noodle a try. So we ordered the house special noodle soup that was served with beef and veggies. And we also ordered another eggplant dish.

Stirfried eggplant with chicken and prawn
The big bowl of noodle came in a fiery red broth. But it wasn't as spicy as like Thai noodle soup for instance. The soup was decent but seemed a bit oily so I didn't really drink so much of it. Beside noodle, we found big chunk of tender beef, slices of napa cabbage, zucchini and imitation crab meat.

The surprise we had though came from the eggplant dish. It was a spicy eggplant stirfried with chicken and prawns. But beside those I tasted basil and also slices of serrano chillies. Interesting. It's Thai style!

It was a decent dinner. Most likely we won't be back soon. But we'll miss the Thai style eggplant dish.

Hand Pull Noodle House
505 West Capitol Expressway  San Jose, CA 95136
(408) 448-2188