Friday, May 11, 2012

Ikea Butterscotch Almond and Coffee Combo

On one of the days we were in Vancouver, we decided to check out the local Ikea. We haven't been to any Ikeas for quite a while. But what's more interesting was when we reached the food court area. I was still pretty stuffed from our trip to the sushi buffet that afternoon. But I spotted their deals on butterscotch almond combo with coffee - $2.99 only. And guess what between 2-5 pm it's only $1.99 ! With deal so good, how could you say no, right ? So I just have to give it a try.

I have never tasted any butterscotch almond so I couldn't compare with any. But this one was pretty good. Not very sweet and it went well with the coffee.

The food court itself looked clean with the all white decor. Almost like eating in a hospital cafeteria. Choose from white tables with white chairs or  high bar tables and wooden bar stools. The only bright thing was some kids tables and stools. Bright green and very cute.