Sunday, May 13, 2012

Buffet at Kawawa Japanese Restaurant - Burnaby, Canada

This restaurant is located in Metrotown Mall in Burnaby. It serves both ala carte and All You Can Eat (AYCE). We chose AYCE and were handed the menu after we were seated. The menu was pretty compact on one page only and didn't give much choices for sushi. No spicy tuna roll so we had to settle with spicy tuna cone instead. Let me summed up the experience in two different categories.
Spicy tuna cone

Worth trying: spicy tuna cone, chicken karaage (chicken wings), oyster baked in mayo, yam tempura and chicken teriyaki.

Need to be avoided : spicy agedashi tofu, lemon chicken, yakitori and some sort of deep fried with corn.

All in all wasn't a very satisfying buffet experience. The only consolation was the sushi was made to order so different from most sushi buffet in San Francisco Bay Area where sushi were all pre-made and sat there waiting for you.

Kawawa Japanese Restaurant
4700 Kingsway  Burnaby, BC V5H4M1, Canada
(604) 435-8577