Friday, May 18, 2012

Spicer Bistro - White Rock, BC- Canada

We went in this restaurant for what I thought was an afternoon tea/snack time.  We started with drinks - ginger tea, coffee, mango lassi (yogurt drink). Then we started looking at the full menu and before we knew it we were ordering dishes, rice and naan.

The ginger tea came plain with no sugar like I requested. But I guess they also forgot the ginger. Seriously, I couldn't taste any ginger in it. So thumbs down for ginger tea. The mango lassi was pretty good but I think it was a bit thick. I had it twice in the past but this one was the thickest - almost the consistency of sour cream.

Butter chicken (orange), Halibut curry (yellow) and vegetarian dish (redish)

We ordered three dishes - halibut curry, butter chicken and another vegetarian dishes which I don't remember the name. If you look at the picture - the halibut curry was the yellow one. It's pretty mild and suitable for beginners that are looking for mild curry. The problem with that curry though was the texture of the halibut. It was previously frozen so the texture was dense and tasted like overcooked tuna.

The highlight was the butter chicken. Everyone agreed that it was good. The right richness and spiciness. The other vegetarian dishes was fine. I didn't have any complain since I don't have anything else to compare it to.
Samosa chat

Another highlight of the day was the samosa chat. When I asked the waitress if they have samosas, she told me they do have samosa chat. At that time I had no clue what it was but I went ahead and ordered it anyway. It turned out that samosa chat is flatten samosa served with chutney and a bit chopped onion. This was delicious and was the most spicy among the rest of stuffs we had that day.

Their Facebook page mentioned about free parking with a minimum parking of $50. We spent more than that but it was never mentioned to us. And they were not even that busy that day. I wonder if the offer was still on.

Spicer Bistro
14985 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC
(604) 560-2025