Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ginger Shot at East Is East

It was an unplanned visit to East Is East that afternoon on the way back from White Rock. One of our friends needed to pick up dinner from a sushi restaurant a few doors down from there. She then remembered telling us about the ginger shot at East Is East. So we took a walk down there.

The place looked more like a coffee shop with counter in front with cashier to order your drinks. But then as we walked in and sat ourselves I noticed  that it's not your usual 'coffee shop'. There were a few low table and benches that looked like they were carved out of a huge piece of wood. We chose a 'private booth' seating which was almost the same wood table setting except the back of it was all covered with huge cloth decor that came out on the front and could be pulled close for more private seating.

I liked their decor and also the dimmed light with candles on each tables. It was only 6 pm so still pretty bright outside for this time of the year. I couldn't quite imagine coming at night and eat under that type of lighting. It sure felt cozy for a night out with drinks and snacks. The table was set the height of a coffee table so I think it would be quite an experience to sit down and have a meal on.

Anyhow, we just had our late lunch/early dinner at White Rock so we just ordered the ginger shot. The ginger shot came in a shot glass. It was a combination of freshly grated ginger and apple juice. Pheww...very strong indeed. You could feel the ginger burning on your throat after one sip. Our friend said that she liked this better than alcohol. :)

It's an interesting place which I looked forward to visit again in the future when I have a chance.

East Is East
3243 West Broadway
(604) 734-5881