Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yaohan Center Foodcourt - Richmond, Canada

It's not the first time we visited this food court. It's one of hubby's fave food court to visit in the greater Vancouver area. The reason is the Malaysian char kwetiau (fried flat rice noodle) at Curry House there was pretty close to the one he likes. Another thing that the Curry House did pretty well is the Hainamese chicken rice.
pic courtesy of Ben and Suanne

This time I wasn't hungry as we had quite a heavy lunch at Kawawa, so I felt like having some dessert drink. I passed by this drink/dessert stall by the name Little Bean and something caught my eyes. It's a mango smoothies with coconut milk. How awesome is that ? Fruitiness of mango and creaminess of coconut milk ?? Yum..yum.. On the picture it didn't show the name of the drink so I search around on their menu but couldn't find it. Finally I saw the name 'mango lover' and the chinese characters 'matched' the ones shown on the picture. (Sigh) yeah..that's what happened when you're illiterate. I can only 'match' characters. :(

Left over mango drink from Little Bean
The mango drink came out pretty thick and sweeter than I thought. I guess they didn't use much crushed ice for the drink. It's pretty nice though I would rather it a bit colder.

While waiting for the rest of the group to finish their dinner I saw this thing bouncing around on one of the drink stalls. Then it downed on me that it was the machine used to shake the drink to make it bubbly. Oh..bubble tea. I walked across to take a look at it. And ended up getting 2 regular bubble tea - it was a buy one get one deal for $3.99. The tea was pretty good to quenched my thirsty. I just don't quite understand the deal with the shaking portion. Even after all those shaking motion the tea didn't come out frothy like the Indian teh tarik.

Yaohan Center Food Court
3700 No. 3 Road, Richmond B.C. V6X 3X2 Tel: 604.231.0601