Friday, May 4, 2012

Don't Be LATE Picking Up Your Pizza Or You'll Lose It

A couple of nights ago we felt like having pizza, so I made a phone call to place a pizza order at our local Costco. The guy took our order and said 30 mins. I was thinking well..30 mins is a long time, I have time to take a shower before I go.

Finally we got there and lined up to pay. The line moved so slowly since there were only one window opened at the time. The pick up window was almost as long and moved as slow or even slower. We made it to the window maybe fifteen minutes later. The lady cashier asked for the order name and went to check on it. She then came back to us and told us that we were late and our pizza had been given to another person. I almost couldn't believe that. She then proceeded to say it's store policy not to let a pizza sit for one hour. We ended up paying for a pizza and agreed to wait for 45 mins to have a new one baked for us.
We were only 30 minutes late. I called in the order at 6:45 so the pizza was supposedly ready at 7:15. But we were at the window at 7:45. Well, if the line had moved faster maybe we could have secured our pizza. I still think that they could have put us next on the line to get a pizza since we already placed an order and they gave away our pizza.

As I was waiting by the window I started noticing the guy working on the pizza. He seemed to be the one deciding who gets a pizza.  A few times I saw the girl tending the window went to consult him whether a pizza is ready. I waited for 30 mins before I went and I asked whether our pizza was ready. By then I saw he already made a stack of combo pizza with no order paper sticked to it. The girl whom I gave my receipt to went and asked that guy. And she pulled out a box and gave it to me. I wonder whose pizza she gave me. But I learnt my lesson that day - don't be late picking up your pizza at Costco or you'll lose it.