Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Borobudur - San Francisco

When we walked in this restaurant, there was only one table occupied. Not surprising actually because it was short of 4 pm even though the sky looked a lot darker than it should be. Cloud has been hanging on top of San Francisco that day refusing to get blown away. We were just wrapping our trip that day by stopping by Borobudur to get take out for our dinner. If my tummy permitted I'd have had my dinner at the restaurant but me and hubby were still quite full from our lunch at Thai House Express. But I craved Indonesian food and wouldn't want to lose the opportunity to check this place out. Who knows when we'll be back in/around Union Square again.

As soon as we got home I unwrapped our dinner. Both looked equally good. I had my first bite on the bakmi ayam yamin pedas which is egg noodle with spicy sweet soy sauce, shredded chicken and vegetable. I ordered it with meat balls to make it more complete. It wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be. Well maybe because we just had lunch at a Thai restaurant ? But the noodle was good and tasty. It had very familiar fragrant that I couldn't quite placed...could it be the yamin oil they used ? While hubby was busy tasting the noodle I dug my spoon into the nasi padang and took a bit of each flavor and mixed them in my bowl. Took one bite into it and was surprised at how tasty and authentic it tasted. I let hubby tried my nasi padang and he too agreed that it was yummy and the rendang was very close or even similar to the one in Jakarta.

Okay, so nasi padang is a combination of spicy beef (rendang), tofu, chicken and vegetables curry coconut milk mixed with rice. The combination of chicken, tofu and vegetable curry was not exactly the typical nasi padang we had in Jakarta but they actually complimented each other well. I liked the individual taste of each dish. I especially loved the tofu. It was deep fried firm tofu cooked in some chilli sauce that tasted like balado sauce.

I'm glad that we gave it a try and the food were fulfilling for us knowing that we couldn't have cooked better than that. In the past we have tried other Indonesian restaurant and the food tasted worse than what we cooked at home. That's because they also used the same premade paste/sauce that we bought at the grocery store. But Borobudur was different, either they imported their own paste/sauce :) or they did make those dishes from scratch.
Borobudur * 700 Post St, San Fracisco, CA 94109 * (415) 775-1512